Saw A Good Bumper Sticker...

Saw this while driving to work:

"There's no place like"

Gave me a good chuckle.

My wife asked me what i was laughing at, I pointed it out, and she said "You're fucking hopeless."


Yeah that's pretty clever. They have a shirt with that at -good stuff

"There's no place like"

other than the fact it appears to be a IP addy, am i missing something?


Should we explain it is there some IT forum rule where we have to wait for a certain number of posts?

Give him at least 20.

TTT for 20 posts

I'm guessing it's some kind "home". Sort of like the server or IP trunk or some shit. Fuck all you network guy's. That's why I'm programmer. cant wait till one of you got a tech question I have the answer to, you'll wait a lot longer the 20 posts


although that means nothing to me - LOL is the address of your computer in front of you.

Shouldn't a programmer know this? I was just a programmer many years ago yet I knew this as basic knowledge. As a matter of fact, this is taught in intro to IT courses at the school I went to.

I've been a programmer since I graduated in 1984.

How can every person in the world all have the same ip addy?

The net didnt exist back then.

I studied data com. We were concerned with using break-out boxs in between hubs to make sure protocols were communicating between the boxes

If you're running XP or 2000 (I think), if you type "ipconfig /displaydns" (without quotes) it will show you all the addresses in your DNS resolver cache. You'll notice that is called the "localhost" a.k.a the loopback address.

No reason to get hasty about that, lets all play nice now we don't need to give him the treatment.

LOL @ fintheman

Dang, these are funny ... NERDS!!!