Saw a guy die while driving his car yesterday.

I was walking out of the main entrance of a hospital and a car goes zipping by in front of the drop off area. I didn't think much about it except that he was driving a bit fast through the parking lot. As soon as he went by it then sounded like the car sped up and went over a speed bump too fast. I looked up and the car jumped another parking lot curb and hit a tree and stopped. The wheels were spinning full throttle.

I ran in and told the receptionist what happened and came back out and two guys were at the car trying to get in and all the doors were locked. I went into the next entrance which was the ER entrance and told the person there. By the time I got back out they had the window broke and were turning off the car.

Medical personnel came out, they put the guy on the asphalt and were trying to revive him when I left. It didn't look too good for him.

He crashed directly in front of the ER door about 30 feet away. Getting into the area is not easy, you have to turn off of a highway, come in and take a round about and then a sharp curve into the parking lot, I think he died as soon as the parking lot straightened out and just kept going straight. He was so close.