Saw a new Mustang

They look alot better than I thought they would. Definately reminds me of the old 60's fastback, and that's a good thing.

They had it camo'd up with a black and white cow pattern. lol And, I saw it near the GM Tech Center. Weird, but I have seen several Ford prototypes in front of GM lately.


They are pretty nice looking.

Maybe they're trying to pick a race with a new z06 or something :P

Me and my friend Dustin used to do the same thing in front of the Shelby dealership in Irvine here. We'd do burnouts in his Nova down Rockfield in front of the place, trying to get em to come play. Boring asses never did :(

Seen one over here by the rouge complex the other day, as well. It was wrapped, too.

Gonna be sweet.

Saleen is an independant manufacturer- they just use blanks from ford to make cars. Likely they'll change to the new body style.