Saw Alicia Sacramone@my kids' gymnastics camp

...looking qute impressive in t-shirt and stretch pants. We found out a couple weeks b/f that she would be there so I printed up some pics of her from ESPN Mag Bodies issue and also printed up some pics of me from past fights. I autographed the pic and asked my daughter to present alicia with my autographed pic and tell Alicia "my dad said you can have this if you sign these..."

I told her Alicia would think it was funny and it would brek the ice w/ her and she would maybe give her more attention during the week. My daughter refused to do it. Last time I send her to camp for $800 a week lol.

Your daughter FUCKING blew it.

Sacramone is the hottest of all the hot gymnasts, if I remember correctly. I think there's a video of her knocking some nerd out on a dare.


still funny.

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Tell your daughter she does it or her favorite pet is a future meal. Phone Post 3.0

pics or gtfo

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PeteyWheatstraw - lol.

still funny.
Lol, he TRIED to tough it out Phone Post 3.0

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oh my god aus

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Yeah she blew it alright. Had she done that for me I could have approached Alicia when I saw her at the camp's closing ceremony and had a laugh. I wasn't gonna approach her like some perv, I was hoping my daughter would have broken the ice for me and for herself too.

My 12 tr old son attended the camp also and his candy ass wouldn't do it either . What is this world coming to? At that age I would have done anything to talk to a girl that hot. We drove almost 10 hours to pick them up from the camp and the hope of my stunt being carried out got me through the drive.

At 12 I was still "cute" so I would have made sure to hug her and rest my head on her chest.

Please confirm they are both grounded until this wrong has been righted.

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