Saw cop harass black teen today

100% real.

On my way to work, I saw this cop harass a young black guy.

He had ear buds in but you could see the distain in the kid's eyes. I was going by at 65 mph so I only saw a little snippet, but from what I could tell,  the cop was bugging him for absolutely NO REASON. All the teen was doing was riding his bicycle on  the Southbound 405 Freeway.

I am so angry right now. Power-tripping cops have no right to stop someone simply because they are riding a 10 speed on the busiest freeway in Southern California.

I guess the "freeway" ain't so free after all.


LOL Phone Post 3.0

Lol. Phone Post 3.0

Today at 9:45am,  the dream that was "America" died for me.

Imagine, a young brother just trying to do his part to save the environment, gets SHUT DOWN by the Police-petro-industrial complex! I should note, this happened within clear view of Chevron'sTorrance, CA refinery (coincidence..?)

I don't know what angered the cop more, the man's black skin or the fact that he refused to have a large carbon foot-print, like all the other sheeple driving to work.

Sad that just the simple act of riding a bicycle will now bring the law down upon you.

"Oppressionway" IMO Phone Post 3.0

More like "slaveway"

That cop probably called it his "Blacktop" too just to really dig the knives in.


FreightTrain - 4.5/10

What, you think a black person is only 4.5/10ths a person, or something...!?!?!

Is that what you're saying?

Well done.

VU Phone Post 3.0

I kinda wondered if his friends all told him they were all gonna ride onto the 405 to "shut it down" or something, but they didn't show. It was INSANE to see a guy ridding a bicycle on the freeway.