Saw Fedor and Mousasi in Kc tonight..

they were both special guests at the M-1 show here in town. Total attendance for the event was probably close to 300 and only about half of them knew who Fedor was. Not sure if anyone knew who Mousasi was.

Ian Freeman was the announcer and he brought Mousasi into the ring where he announced his fight against Babalu. Then Freeman said "by the way the baddest man on the planet is ringside". Fedor stood and everyone clapped. That was about it for that. It was definetely weird seeing Fedor at an event so small and standing next to Mousasi in the hall at the event and having no one recognize him.

oh and yes Gary (Gerry) Millen was running around with his tips freshly frosted

Millen is so freaking annoying.

I wonder how Mousasi and Fedor hooked up.

I was there too. I didn't expect much from the American guy in the last fight, but he was great.

I got a fist bump from Fedor and an autograph.

Also chatted with Mousasi and had him sign my program.

Had a great time. How about the 9 second KO!!!!