Saw first GT-R in the wild

I have to admit in looks better in person and in motion than in the internet pics. Not ricey either, very nice looking. I have nothing more, so here is a good pic that shows its good side.

Here is a pic I took at the L.A. Auto Show in 2007.

This was taken at a car meet in Calabasas a few weeks ago.




I saw in the 405 south on my way back from work and it sort of popped out right away. The lights, body, and paint made the car seem so vivid and clean.

Adonis, motor trend got 430 wheel HP (500+ crank) out of it, 0-60 in 3.2 and 11.6 in the quarter mile. You have to do a voodoo ritual to get it into launch mode to see these numbers. Without the launch control it 'only' does 0-60 in 4 seconds and 12.2 quarter.

Its fast and not just on the drag strip. Put up great numbers at the nurburgring as well. You might look at this one as well since your'e looking at badass cars. I think its like 75k or something though.

badass car, how much will they cost?

75k or so.

If you launch one of these at the drag strip maximum effort, you will only get a few passes before boom......much like a high hp eclipse or 3000gt.

My brother's 3000gt vr-4 sits apart because of this.

wow how many gt-r's have blown up so far? I havent heard any of this from the tests that have been published.
I always knew the 3000 was a pos but the gt-r too?

Ponyboy - If you launch one of these at the drag strip maximum effort, you will only get a few passes before boom......much like a high hp eclipse or 3000gt.

My brother's 3000gt vr-4 sits apart because of this.

 why's that? clutch wear, sure. but i'm betting the nissans tranny is pretty fucking stout.

saw one at Hampton Beach a little while ago and while nice it's just tough to get excited about a car when yu go faster and look better on a CBR1000, ZX-10, R1 etc and have enough cash left over to put a down payment on a house

yeh, but dying on a bike is so much easier

yeah if youre stupid. strange as it sounds i feel safer on my bike than i do in a car, im more aware of what is going on, visibility is 1000X better, manueverability is much greater. but maybe my thought process would change if i owned a bike like the above mentioned. it was definitely an awesome looking car tho and for the money I would take GTR over any 911/Z06 any day of the week

I've been a full time sportbike rider for almost 5 years now. It IS more dangerous than riding in a car and the stakes are higher if you fuck up.

With that said, you're small, you're fast and you're manueverable. But your biggest weapon is awareness and judgement. I've gotten so good at looking ahead, anticipating trouble and positioning myself with multiple outs that I feel very safe on my bike as well.

In fact my sister in law says she feels safer riding in a car driven by me than anyone else she knows. On the downside I'm terrified when I ride shotgun in a car driven by someone else. Things that I see coming a block or 3 ahead (like buses stopped in the right lane for loading) just seem to sneak up on people. Its nerve wracking.

In any case, I still like nice cars and fast cars. But I doubt I'll ever drop more than 30k for one. Gimme something comfy and reasonable (like a 5 series) and I'll leave 3 second 0-60 to 2 wheels. ;)

there was one on the street racing boards months ago that blew the tranny from launching hard... no warranty.

replacement tranny was something silly like $20,000 or something.

not sure if it was legit or not.

Ponyboy, what's your overall opinion of the 3000GT VR4/Stealth twin turbos?

I'm seeing very well maintained ones going for decent prices.

My brother (20 years younger) has one in pieces in my dad's garage.

If the car has had turbos replaced by a reputable shop (18 years old in some cases) and hasn't been beat on, it should be okay.

If you get one that is cherry and start upping the hp or drive it hard, it will end up sitting for long periods of time.

Cool car for spirited driving but it's best to keep it stock and drive a damn fast car for a long time rather making it a bit faster and spending more time fixing it.