Saw Jeromie Sills yeasterday

Saw Jeromie Sills yesterday in Brampton,turns out he moved to mississauga recently.YUp,Oh did I mention he pulled me over for speeding..He's a "COP"!!!well he didnt give me a ticket,he just slaped me around a bit..

LOL...Did he really pull you over for speeding?


Slow down ya criminal.



lol, cool.

Did you ask him if he's planning to train anywhere in the Mississauga area?

I was wasted out of my head and bumped into him in a Pita Pit last winter. The only reason I spotted him was his "UCC" toque. Chatted with him for about 15 minutes and he was a real nice guy.

TTT for Jeromie. Classy guy and one of the finest bouncers St. Kitts has ever produced... I heard the beatings for drunk and beligerant fratt boys has dropped dramatically... we miss him dearly.



Jeremy, Please come down to KATA to train, You are welcome in my class anytime.

Scott Schilling

That's where I saw st. kitts. Did he bounce at the frat house?

He didn't give him a ticket but he busted him for the Quicky Mart he knocked off!

There are not many places where he did not bounce.
Frat House, L3, Seneca, Cottage, Big Bucks, and I am sure a dozen other places.

actually i saw him saturday night in st. kitts at L3. he wasn't bouncing tho, just there with what appeared to be his gf. he used to bounce at big bucks.

I've seen at least 20 good fights at the frat house. a few got real ugly and ended up in the parking lat across the street.

I start my MMA training at Frat house

haha, i grew up in niagara and none of the bars had more fights than that one. Scarface, you go to Brock? They've got a good wrestling team, for a long time anyways, have no clue how good they are now.

class act - one of the best.

I went to Brock and our wrestling team won Nationals 4 out of the 5 years. They are still #1 as well, defending champs.

yup, Brock's team is awesome. I know a few guys. cool dudes.