Saw San Andreas commercial

And I crapped my pants.

Oh wait,I crapped my pants and then saw the commercial,then I crapped my pants again.

I think it was a natural thing for pooping myself before I saw the commercial,kind of like when those whackos at Time Square are always saying Jesus will be reborn and stuff like that.
Like I new the commercial was going to happen before it happened.

Saw it last night. Ummmmmm, OMFG. This will exceed expectaions, if possible. Holy shit it looks unreal. The commercial seemed like it was a minute long too, played to "Welcome to the Jungle" since it's set in the nineties. This game will own all.

is it this one?

wehn i saw the commercial i DAMN WELL knew it was confirmed for the release date :)

checking websites to make SURE of the release date as advertised regardless


YES ...

  • again checking sites for continuous confirmation on release date*


I will have my 35 inch TV by the time this come out...

busts a nut