Saw TKD beat Muay Thai tonight

At the "Proving Ground" card earlier tonight. Tough scrap, and both guys had their moments, but the Tae Kwon Do guy got the nod over the Muay Thai fighter.

Kinda surprised me to be honest, even though I do know some tough TKD guys.

Steve Granari (Hope I spelled that right Steve(?)) who was a damn good collegiate wrestler won his bout tonight. He was cornered by Sheldon Marr and was walked out to the ring by (former UFC fighter) Pat Smith.

Steve decided that he wanted to fight, after seeing someone he beat wrestling in college (buzzing and cant remember his name now) fight and win in the UFC.

He called Coach Marr and asked if he'd coach him. Lol, he's been to the dojo exactly TWICE and fought anyways. He pulled it off though.

Remember the name people. The boy has the desire and athleticism to make some noise.

I guess that Steve and Pat Smith are both bouncers at the same club here in Denver. Lol, I pity the fool who starts shit in that establishment.

Pat was a good guy. He had a couple of adult beverages with us and was as friendly as could be. I got to hear the firsthand version of the "legendary" elevator run in with Tank and his crew. Had me laughing my ass off.

It's bound to happen every once in a while.
Guys get struck by lightning and live :)

" I got to hear the firsthand version of the "legendary" elevator run in with Tank and his crew. Had me laughing my ass off."

So share it with your forum bro's dude :)

ttt for that!!!

He said that he never saw it coming, but that an "off duty female Police Officer" saw Tank hit Pat with some "metallic object".

Then, Tank and his crew started to put the beatdown on him as he lay there unconscious. Pat said that Mo Smith was the one who saved him.

Apparently, Mo came to Pat's assistance and saved him from serious injuries. Pat said "I was wearing a white shirt, but it was completely red when I woke up."

He also said that he'd fight Tank anytime. I say that this would be a cant miss action fight. Zuffa????

Oh yeah, this was the amatuer show, not the pro show in Ft. Collins. I know someone was going to ask lol. I have no idea who won any of the pro matches tonight.

Glad to hear Pat is doing good...

"And you were cracking up as he told you that?!"

First, I've got a slight buzz going, so forgive my abbreviated version here.

Second, I dont think I could capture his expressions, nor is my written dialogue nearly as colorfull or animated as his spoken words were. Had to be there I guess. Sorry.

Are you sure that the Tae Knwo Do man had no previous kickboxing experience?

Just like Royce vs Yoshida and Kondo vs Sperry, the idiots and trolls are now gonna be saying how Tae-Kwon-Do has been proven as better than MT based on this one match.

I can GUARANTEE that the "TKD" guy trains in more than TKD.

under what type of rules? Muay thai does not always do well under american kickboxing rules. They literally lose their best trained weapons. They are left with about 30% of their arsenol and it is the arsenal which they train the least (no leg kicks, elbows, knees-only punching and higher level kicks which are the least concentrated on). The only well practiced technique that is left for them is the roundhouse to the midsection.

I met Steve Granari, I beleive when I was a trainer at Ballys. I am a pretty strong guy but that guy is a beast. Isn't he a bouncer at Diamond Caberret?

"under what type of rules?"

They were allowing the fighters to clinch and throw knees, and leg kicks too, so I assume that the rules weren't too skewed against Muay Thai or any other style.

This was an amatuer show, not K-1 level or anything, but everyone who fought was young, tough, and earnest. I'm not trolling styles here, I just was a bit surprised to see a TKD fighter in there.

"I can GUARANTEE that the "TKD" guy trains in more than TKD."

I'm no kickboxing expert, but he looked to be pure TKD to me. Hands low, not punching much, and very linear when he did (no hooks or uppercuts). Mostly throwing a lot of high kicks and side kicks. He was even throwing the spinning back kick (actually hurt his opponent to the body at one point with it).

Maybe this kids school just trains tough. Like I've said before, I do know some TKD guys that would do very well against most people.

"I met Steve Granari, I beleive when I was a trainer at Ballys. I am a pretty strong guy but that guy is a beast. Isn't he a bouncer at Diamond Caberret?"

Steve and Pat Smith both bounce at "Oasis Cabaret".

Tkd has beaten MT in KOTC as well. Its not that unusual

It's more about the fighter than the style. My TKD instructior was fresh off the boat back in 1983. This is before things got so McDojo.

We'd spar full contact with nothing but that soft Jhoon-Rhee style headgear. Practices were brutal and left cats puking...

Best MA foundation I could have built alongside wrestling. I miss Mr. Kim. He was built like a brick shithouse and was a very kind man.

Forget JD, HH KO Roland Payne. Not the style, but the fighter.

good point. What most people do in the states is really full contact kick boxing with kicks below the leg. Authentic MT is hard to find here in the US although it does exist.


Alot of people hardly train standup at all but when they do they do leg kicks, so they think they are doing muay thai...

not saying that's the case in this fight but might lead to giving real muay thai a bad name

true old school karate and tkd was pretty bad ass. Some of those guys had incredable functional power and trained like animals. You really don't see much of that anymore since that generation has already grown old.

I know everything and NO TKD fighter could EVER beat any muay thai fighter....

TKD is an inferior art and is useless, whereas muay thai is the best and is totally pragmatic.

Muay thai always beats TKD, BJJ always beats wrestling, wrestling always beats Karate, and the fighter has no effect on the outcome.

It doesn't matter at all who the fighter is, it only matters what style he uses when he fights.

LMAO at the clowns!!