say happy b-day

Ok it my birthday today.And all i want for my birthday is a kick ass card for dec 20.fOR THE REST OF YOU WISH ME A HAPPY B-DAY

haha, ok happy b-day.... whats the card looking like for Dec 20, Liv?


Happy Birthday man and hope you get you want!

What's the card so far?

Happy Birthday!

yl2 is it you that trains with George?

Happy B-Day dude!

Yes i train with George, The Crow, Vigneault brothers,
Thierry Quenneville, etc. at tri-star in Montreal, But george is training there only two days a week, he's also boxing at club champion and grappling at KJS.

Happy Birthday Liv - keep in touch

Happy B-Day. Best wishes.

happy birthday.. or birdday like they say in Qubec

yl2 please tell George to be wary of real shaddy managers that might not have the fighters best interest at heart if you know what I mean.


Happy Birthday!

None of my business