Say Reyes didn’t wake up from that elbow

Whether not with us anymore or just permanently unconscious. Trying not to use the bad words here. And people on street in fights have gone to a bad place by attacks not from a world class professional fighter.

So hypothetically what would happen with the UFC? The press on it would be awful. Would they go on with the next show or would there be an immediate look into rules and what strikes are allowed? What do you think the immediate ramifications would be?

Fatality bonuses and Anik would be required to pop his head up and yell TOASTY


Reminded me of this

Shots like these definitely look lethal, but fact is we’ve seen them before, and as brutal as they look they haven’t resulted in death yet. They do look like it though.

Therefore, if Reyes didn’t wake up I think it would likely be seen as a ‘freak accident’ of sorts.

Thousands of fights in the UFC alone, resulting in one death would have to be seen as such.

Probably more deaths in horse racing… Probably more deaths in most sports. (I have zero data to back that up).

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The UFC probably has a plan in place for whenever that happens. I would guess they would not even miss a show, the week after it would be business as usual with a silent minute and everyone dressed in black or sth.

I thought the way his head hit the canvas he broke his neck. I was happy when I seen him awake and moving.

I was just imagining that massive heavyweight from a week or so ago, in top position, putting his forearm on his opponents throat and just crushing it with his weight. Dude might die.

Obviously they wouldn’t say but I’ve wondered if they’ve always had a crisis response plan ready

Dana announces a new line of dolls to help the bad press blow over

It is just rumor or fact?

What a great fight! It was awesome. Reyes hit him too with damn powerful shots. He had Jiri rocked yet he changed the situation by going to the ground.