Sayoc Kali Sama Sama 2003 review

Sayoc Kali Sama Sama 2003 Review

With close to eighty participants from all over the United States, Canada, and even as far away as Sweden, as well as representatives of an Elite military unit, and Masters of various styles, this years Sayoc Kali Sama Sama, was great success! Held at the premiere Off Road East Coast adventure park, Paragon Adventure Park, (, in West Hazleton, PA.

Starting on Thursday July 3rd, with some fantastic demonstrations and instruction by Tatang Baltazaar Sayoc, and his finger touch method, we quickly moved to Tuhon Roberto Torres and Kuntao/Silat ( as well as the Sayoc Fighting System , and finally Shock entries by Tuhon Tom Kier. The material was starting to flow fast! As we moved on to July 4th, and just a couple of hours sleep, more and more Sayoc participants started arriving. Guro Blake and Guro Giangreco began a review and improvement of Transition drills 1-5. After practicing the various drills being highlighted Tuhon Kayanan and Guro Kayanan, taught Sayoc long blade methodology. Awesome entry and applications were taught in this segment. Both Tuhon and Guro Kayanan flow gracefully and can bring in highlights from various arts to share and help illuminate the various principals they were teaching us. Up next, was a special introduction to the Tactical Awareness school headed by Mike Jaco, a 24 year veteran of the Navy SEAL's, and who's list of accomplishments is far to long to list here, so head to his website at, for more information on the programs offered and his incredible resume`!!! Finally to wrap off the day, Guro Ray Dianaldo,, taught the use of the kerambit and empty hand skills.

July 6th, started with more instruction by Tatang Bo Sayoc, in the finger touch method. Tatang Sayoc, had the largest members dropping to the floor with the minimalist movement. Awesome material! As we arrived back at the training area, Tuhon and Guro Kayanan introduced the Sayoc Tomahawk template and applications. After a short break, Tatang Sayoc, and Guro Pat Consing taught and demonstrated more of the Sayoc Finger touch method. Removing people from a chair, dropping them with several quick touch points as well as just more and more material, another great introduction to Tatang Sayoc's work. Next up, was Guro Ray Dionaldo, assisted by Guro Rico, and Guro Travis. Guro Dionaldo started off with close quarters stick work, and trapping applications and then moved on to Kerambit. Trapping, entering, disarming an opponent's blade all flowed fast and furious with Guro Dionaldo's usual flair!

Keeping on with the material Tuhon Torres, assisted by his daughters, taught Sarong techniques and empty hand applications from Silat, Kuntao and Kuntao Silat. As he reviewed boxing attacks, his daughters hit the focus mitts with incredible power and speed. This lead into entering, and takedown tactics, for another great lesson for us all. During all of this teaching there was a round of quick draw competition, and then a projectile contest as well. As a final segment, my close friends Guro Carl and Guro Allain Atienza, taught the tactics of Atienza Kali. Guro Carl and Allain flowed effortlessly, moving and striking with power and grace! If you would like more information on the Atienza system, please go to As the day started to wrap up, several rounds of the now infamous "Chopstick Wars" and finally Actionflex matches. Which ended up with Guro Carl Atienza taking first place! Using tactics directly from his earlier lessons, Guro Carl was great!!

July 7th, started off with Guro Conroy, teaching Transition Drill 6. Ably assisted by Guro's Kevin Blake and Bob Shin. We then moved off to start reviewing material from all the various Guro's. Of course there was another round of quick draw competition, and the projectiles as well. Since one of the themes of this years Sama Sama was the Tomahawk, several of us brought out throwing hawks and were working on honing our skill. Many, of the practitioners were starting to head out, but I was very lucky to stay and was given an opportunity to interview Tatang Baltazaar Sayoc. Tatang Sayoc gave many insights to his early days in the USA, with various Filipino martial arts pioneers on the East Coast. Names such as Professor Vistacion, Grand Master Presas, Grand Master Gaje, Master Marinas, were all frequent guests at his school and home, and many stories were shared. He also offered insight into his life philosophy and his feelings on how strong the Sayoc organization is. What a great opportunity. Later that evening, I also had another great opportunity to interview Tuhon Torres, one of the early students of Tuhon Christopher Sayoc, who continues to practice Sayoc Kali, and remains a close friend of the Sayoc Family. As well as more insight highlighted on early Sayoc Kali training, from interviewing Tuhon Rafael Kayanan, and Guro Ricardo Kayanan, Guro Raymond Dionaldo, and Tuhon Tom Kier. We covered material from the Sayoc Combat Choreography group, and the movie "The Hunted", to the Sayoc Tactical course, recent fights by Tuhom Kier at the DogBrothers Gathering, and much more. As we wrapped up the last day around 11:00pm, my brain was overloaded with material.
As a last note, I would like to comment on awesome demonstrations given by Guro Ken Pannell (, fantastic work!!

If you missed this year's Sama Sama, you definitely missed out on awesome training. Stay tuned for more information on Sayoc Kali events, and newly released DVD's at


Guro Steve Lefebvre