SBG Boxing Blast - Which video


I am wondering which SBG tapes best demonstrate the boxing blast.


(whispers-'tonight, we make soap')

BTW not being a wiseguy, don't know the answer to your question

Check out Rodney Kings tapes

I believe it is on Dan Henderson's 2nd tape

Thanks, Fat Buddha for the info on the Dan Henderson tape. I looked at the description and it sounds like a counter BJJ tape. Are you sure that is the one with the boxing blast?

I have the Rodney King Tapes and think they are marvelous!

Tyler, it is not on the Henderson tapes.

I am pretty sure it's on my FLA seminar tapes, but Luis would have to confirm that. And I am also pretty sure it's on Rodney's tapes he sells on his sight.


It is not on the Street Boxing 101 or Clinch Boxing 101, that's for sure (though those DO include the boomerang, caveman, sneakeroo, and the NASTY 3/4 shovel hook).

I haven't seen it on tape, though I have the FJKD 1 & 2, Dan Henderson, and Rodney's 2 from his site. I only picked it up at last year's Boston seminar.


It will without a doubt be in series three that I will be shooting in Sept.


Thanks, Matt and Crew.

I have Rodney's tapes from his site and it isn't on them.

Will look forward to series 3.

It's not on the Florida seminar tapes.

The boxing-blast is shown on Burton Richardsons high performance focus mitts part 1

I thought I heard someone mention it was on a seminar tape sold on Burton's site:

Could be wrong. Wasn't there a video clip of it online here a couple of weeks ago?