SBG Coach Karl Tanswell: 2010 Tour

Straight Blast Gym Full Instructor/BJJ Black Belt Karl Tanswell will be conducting workshops in Boston, St.Catharines, Toronto, Kingston, Edmonton, Montana and Portland starting in mid June. Workshops will cover stand-up, clinch and ground.

Here is the schedule:

Friday and Saturday June 11/12: Boston at Nexus Martial Arts (Steve Whittier) 508.295.5427

Monday and Tuesday June 14/15: St.Catharines, Ontario at Beaupit’s MMA (Rich Beaupit) 905.329.5425

Wednesday and Thursday June 16/17: Toronto, Ontario at TPTM (Jason Lancucki) 416. 406.6665

Friday June 18: Kingston, Ontario at Martial Arts Planet (Chris Wellstood) 613. 547.2822

Sunday June 20: Edmonton, Alberta at Real Self Defense (Calen Paine) 780. 974.1338

Tuesday and Wednesday June 22/23: SBG Montana (Travis Davison) 406.250.2380

Arriving in Portland at SBGi Headquarters Saturday June 26

Karl has coached athletes for fights all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Russia and all over Europe. He has had fighters in Bodog Fight, Bellator, Elite XC, G-Fight, Cagewarriors, etc. His athletes have won many titles under his coaching.

Anyone interested in any of the workshops or privates with Karl please contact the individual gym owner for more information.




Karl's classes are always world class.

Fantastic instructor! Highly recommended!

What happened to the Banana Split video?

There must be a mistake.

He's in Edmonton right at the end of my work term in Vancouver, when I absolutely can't get away.

Send him down to Van to teach the STAB material at the end of the month (after Portland), I'll buy the man dinner and take him kayaking.

Otherwise, I will punch a wall.

Seriously, I'll do that.

Alas, the man from Manchester has already flown the coop....the tour was epic!
his return in 2011 is highly anticipated and his presence sorely missed!

LOLz, this was 2010? hahaha... That shows you that Calen and I haven't been in touch in awhile.

Actually, I probably read it in his newsletter and forgot about it a long time ago.

The guy changed his email address, I think... not that he EVER reads his email...

ironmongoose - it will take more than a dinner and kayaking to get that man to teach STAB:)

Karl is a top guy. Never left a session with him not in awe

what happened to SBG Manchester?

Is Karl teaching at the Portland gym full time now?