SBG dvd copies?

Hey guys, was doing a search for some MMA stuff on ebay and came across a guy who's been selling tons of SBG dvd's.

His ebay sellers name is arajonguns

Apologies if he is a legit seller or associated with the SBG. It just seemed sus that none of the DVD's come with covers. (beside a clear plastic sleeve)

He mentions in one of the current auctions that the lack of covers is due to a "hi volume of sales"

Thought one of you might want to check it out.


Its all good, he bought the dvds legit from us first and so hes free to try his hand at resale. :) thanks .ps.. our new dvds almost all come in slipsleeves.

Ok, no problems. And if the guys reading this, apologies for my suspicions.

I gotta catch up with technology, DVD's are weird and scary to me :)


i saw that guy too. his other sales (non SBG videos & DVDs) have looked legit.


I appreciate the heads up regardless. Thanks much, it's good to know their are people watching for such things.