(SBG) Guard help

I need some ideas. My opponent is in my guard and is very good at working the safety postion. What are some options? I try to push the head and get the cross overhook put my parter is very good at safety position. (No-gi, no strikes)

no-gi, no strikes, then open to spider and begin putting pressure on him with your legs. Pinch them together, and look to cross grab wrists. Pummel for underhooks. Or even better from here, a single overhook. An overhook on one side, and wrist control on the otherside, makes for a very bad day for the guy in safety position.

There are MANY other options, but in general if you cannot create an opening from closed, go to open and work from spider (heels on hips).


Thanks Matt. Good information, I will start using this tonight. I was a little worried about opening to spider as my opponent will attempt to get combat base (we have been drilling this quite a bit) but I just need to keep attacking with the hooks (under/over).

As soon as he goes to CB, start arm-dragging him like crazy. Don't let him relax there if he has solid base. When he fights to get his arm back, look to sweep him to that side.


Jeff. Sweep to which side? The side that he pulls his arm back to or the side I had it arm dragged to?
ex. If I drag his right arm across, he fights it back, do I sweep to his right (my left)?

Yup, if you drag his right arm across, you will sweep him to his right (your left) as he pulls him arm back. You are just taking advantage of the moment when he commits his weight to that side in order to retrieve his arm and prevent you from taking his back.

He might, of course, base too quickly for you to sweep, but then you can sweep to the other side, or arm drag again, or switch to an ankle pick. Those are the big three that work for me against the combat base: arm drag, ankle pick, sweep.

What kind of sweep do you use from there JRockwell?


Vic, that will depend on what my feet happen to be doing just before I decide to try to sweep him. I have fairly long legs, and the scissor sweep still works well for me here if I time it right. With the gi on, sometimes I'll put a De La Riva hook in there before I arm drag him, reaching around to grab his belt behind his back, pull his weight on top of me, and sweep to the same side as the DLR hook.

Much of this stuff against the combat base I got from Matt and the SBG guys, the rest from a Brazilian friend of mine and Rey Diego's De La Riva series.

Thank you. Gonna try that next time.


I miss my APE guard :(