SBG Hamilton

I'm interested in the SBG in Hamilton, NJ No doubt its quality
as all SBGs are, but my goal is to just get training again, work
on my wrestling, submissions, and stand up game while
sparring/rolling lots and getting into shape. How sport
oriented is the SBG? I know there's a JKD aspect--is there a
rigid curriculum? I took JKD at a place in Princeton and I may
as well have been back in karate class.

TTT for any info, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Drop my boy Paul Myatovich a line. He has a great group of guys and he is a great instuctor.

the Hamilton gym is a great place to train..great bunch of guys and Paul is a great coach.The classes tend to focus more on the sport side of things but Paul is always willing to work on whatever you want whether its sport or street ...just ask.
Come on by.

Paul is the man! I refer to him as the godfather!

You cannot go wrong with Paul M.

TTT for Paul M and the SBG of Hamilton! ! !

Derek, as someone who went to SBG Hamilton after some time at Princeton Academy of Martial Arts (I assume that is the place you were refering to) there is no comparision. From the level of training to quality of people to Paul himself, you can't go wrong. I definiltey reccomend you check it it.

"I know there's a JKD aspect--is there a rigid curriculum? I took JKD at a place in Princeton and I may as well have been back in karate class."

If it is SBG, this is a non issue. If it were and they were a bunch of JKD/ BL freaks, I would have run the other direction. As it is, you will not find a more generous, friendly and fun group of guys. All that and world class trainers as well.

Paul's school is the place to go. Stop by meet Paul and the guys. When you see how the training is conducted you will be hooked. The SBGI is all about performance and training your skillsets very systamactically.

Check them out you won't be dissapointed


Thanks fellas, I really appreciate the info.

Wiggum--you hit the nail on the head-- PAMAs good for
some people, but those people would turn the other way
when I asked questions, tell me I didn't have enough
experience to roll (4 yrs wrestling 1 yr grappling...Im not
Royce, but I'd like to be able to tap him, g2 start somewhere!)
and then juice me out of entirely too much $. I understand the
importance of drilling moves, but a little action I need.

Christian-Hows Glazer doin w/ his training? I haven't seen
him fight since Reality Fighting 5, and its football season
now. Early retirement I guess?

once again, thanks

Derek i went to the SBG in Hamilton for a short period.(had to stop due to family health problems and finances) i also went to the PAMA. point blank SBG Nj is one of the best places ive ever trained. ive been in and out alot of arts and different places. Quality training + friendly people + they dont charge an arm and a leg = SBG. Just figured you wouldnt mind it from an unbiased opinion


kinda lost touch with Glaze for the last couple of months. our schedules have gotten busier and harder to get in sync. i do know he was busy making a big move over to Fox Sports over CBS and he was pretty excited about that. he was also telling me that he would stop by Renzo's every now and again and also taking some pvts with Igor Gracie, which he said were phenomenal.

anyways - the SBG of Hamiliton is one of the best places you could choose to train at. Great instruction and environment. Paul M is one of the coolest and most genuine MA instructors you'll ever find and his guys are talented and down to earth. definitely check them out!

Myatovich is the man.

Thanks guys, this helps out a lot. Once this college process
shit gets ironed out I'm gonna have to start training again
consistently. I've been involved in the fight game in just bout
every capacity but fighting...g2 change that