SBG music

Hey Matt
What songs do you play when you're coaching a class and/or a seminar?

I remember hearing Cold Play, Radiohead and a song called "Your a trash girl".

reverend horton heat, U2, white stripes and lots of punk rock.


That's what I'm talking about Adam!

we listen to hip hop when Matts not around!

I keep it real!

Ah come Matt a hater? :-)


matts not a hater!

we used to listen to this one mix CD with punjabi mc's remixes of hip hop stuff, it was sweet!

What are some of the songs? and by whom?


Jeff, that song is actually euro-trash girl. Which sounds the saem but means a whole different thing : )

I dont have a song list, but if you need a specific song shoot me an e-mail and I will see if I can check for you.

take care
-Matt Thornton

Luis students kick ass cuz he makes them listen to Johnny Cash.

"Luv...iz a burnin'thing...and it makes...a firey ring..."

I still can not get that Cash (ring of fire)tune out of my head, I wake up with it in my mind some times.

Cold Play, U2, Cold Play, U2, Cold Play, U2...Repeat Sequence...Repeat Sequence...

I have not been around Matt much, but I can tell you Eminem in NOT in his play list. LOL

NWA all the way baby...don't let him lie to you. Matt loves the Rap and HipHop.

Matt also loves Butt-Rock (i.e. AC/DC, Dio, etc)

I keep on telling him that if he grew a mullet and played Dio in his videos, he might draw more of the JKD community. Oh well...

"Like a RAIN-BOW in the DAAAARK"

How could I forget his love of female folk music ie: Ani DiFranco Alana Davis. He loves the munch music...he and I have that in common.

LOL at "munch music"

O.K. So which of you guys have been teaching 'Air Guitar' at your gyms?

No Eminem huh Matt.....what about 50 Cent?

Negative on 15. cents, or whatever. . .but I am with Rory in that Ani DiFranco does rock.

Have a good new Years.