SBG order and complaint

I finally recieved my DVD,after six weeks and enjoyed it good information. After I spoke to Mark on the phone,he was nice enough to make it right, so I said how about a SBG t-shirt. I thought that was fair and he said it will me sent out with in a week, here we go again closing in on a month, no t-shirt. I am just glad I didn't send money this time.

There is no Mark working for the company? You must be speaking of Mike? And if so, he is available via the tol free number. If you are curious about a free shirt why not call him there and ask.

-Matt Thornton

oops, it is Mike. I have talked to him on the phone about my DVD order, and I agree it was a nice offer for him to make but I still haven't got my t-shirt.
I honestly feel since he offered me the shirt it should have been sent by now.

Its funny how people who complain about their orders all say that they're fans of Matt Thornton and SBG but always show they're complaints on the internet to bad mouth the service instead of talking to those involved personally via phone or e-mail to get it fixed.

Trust me I am a huge fan of the SBG guy's and the material. I made numerous telephone calls and e-mails I have dates and copies still. The only reason I post on here is I know Mr. Thornton visits regulary.
Have a nice day buddy.

Mongrel 911. . .no worries. But I can't help you there. I have nothing to do with the day to day operations, and would simply call the toll free line, as you could, and state. . .mongrel 911 doesn't have a shirt yet?

So if you are sincere in finding out about an order, call the toll free line. If you have already called, and recieved no response after a day or so, you can always e-mail me at

I don't have any e-mail from you?

Posting online serves no point, but you are certainly free to do so. I don't check online when I travel, which is often. And Mike does not either. So it will not help you in any practical sense.

-Matt Thornton

Its funny how people who complain about their orders all say that they're fans of Matt Thornton and SBG but always show they're complaints on the internet to bad mouth the service instead of talking to those involved personally via phone or e-mail to get it fixed. I have been waiting on my order for about 3 weeks now. I left a voice mail a week ago with no response, and I called 2 other times during office hours and no one was there. It looks like this is the only way to get anything done. I also am a huge fan of the SBG material and I recommend them to everyone, but the service is terrible.

Andrew, if you left a voice mail you should have recieved a call back. There is no excuse for that.

If you dont send me an e-mail at with the time and date you called, and I will look into it for you.

You will have to send me an e-mail to get a response on this though. . .due to past bogus compliants online we had to delete I simply ignore public forum posts now.

I can always be reached via e-mail. Send the e-mail ATTN:MATT regards order.

-Matt Thornton

The customer service problems are the only thing keeping me from ordering :( I have read about the problems here for the last month as I contemplated ordering the Singer brothers DVD. I am surprised it's still a problem.

i understand people get frustrated but coming on here and complaining isn't gonna help you...

i too am waiting on my order and have e-mailed him several times,
and everytime i e-mail him he e-mails me back with an update usually the next day.
he is a one man operation and doesn't produce the dvd's there himself.

i think too many people are spoiled these days by the instant gratification of and places like that.
its a new deal,
give them time to smooth out bugs and Neckcranku don't let 2 or 3 people coming on here complaining discourage you from ordering anything
he has been nothing but cool to me,
and i am sure the dvd will be well worth the wait.

and like i said try his e-mail:

it has always worked for me....


Ok fine, I'm ordering! ;)

Thanks Rob, Mike is doing his best to make sure he gets back with everyone. And I am VERY concerned when I hear people didn't recieve a call back. But the best response is to always call Mike youself, and e-mail me if that doesn't work.


Just as a follow up, Andrew e-mailed me and said he actually left a message this Sat or Sunday. I checked the voice mails myself as we have the weekend VM's saved, and there was many messages, all returned, but none from Andrew? Sorry Andrew, not sure what happened there.

However, Mike called him a few minutes ago and his order had already shipped. So Mike simply gave him the tracking information as all orders are now tracked through the postal service. So issue solved, and no worries.

All of this could have been done with a simple call, or e-mail. So as a future policy I will simply ignore all posts made online with requests for order information.

For all future info contact Mike at:

For status on all video, dvd, & product orders call Mike at the distribution office toll free:


Office hours are 12-8pm PST

He will be happy to help with any questions you have.

His e-mail is However due to e-mail volume we suggest calling if at all possible.

Mike is on top of it, and we have plenty of stock. So there should be no problems. But if there are, feel free to drop me a note at

We appreciate the support


I know Mat and I have meet Mike several times.  Mat puts out a very good product and I know that they want to provide a good service.  To their customers


Do problems happen?  Of course they do.  It is a business.  Things happens.  Are all of the problems that get voiced on the internet legitimate?  I really doubt it.


I see it as a testament to both the product and the service that the business seems to have grown as it has.  You should have no worries in purchasing from them.  Adam and Rory's DVD would be a good selection.


Of course this is all just my biased opinion. 



"The customer service problems are the only thing keeping me from ordering" Took me a week to get the clinch vid in the mail last year. I thought the service was great. Haven't ordered the dvd though...yet.

Yes, Mike called me and handled it to my satisfaction.

Here are a few suggestions that I think would help a lot.

1) If an order is delayed, then you should send out an email proactively to the customers rather than having them track you down.

2) Don't charge their credit card until it's sent. This is pretty standard for buying things online, and it really makes a big difference in people getting upset about waiting.

Don't worry mongrel 911. SBG will make it right. One of my orders got messed-up a couple of months ago too. Just be patient.

I just purchased the Singers' DVD. Mike was very nice and answered my questions, told me when it would go out. seems like good customer service to me.

we're not talking about a fortune 500 company here. my favorite record company is fat possum, whose slogan is "we're trying our best". that's all you can ask for.

Wow someone who knows Fat Possum! I actually have a Bob Log (Fat Possum artist) song on my upcomming video. He was really cool about it.


I just placed my order for the Singer Bros DVD :) Can't wait to get it and work with the material!