SBG order and complaint

I had a discrepancy with my order as well, I came here, adressed the issue with Matt. He gave me his email, I emailed him and five minutes after he emailed me, I received a call from Mike. It is always a pleasure when the company executive and insures customer satisfaction. As the owner of three different companies, I really appreciated Matts follow up. By the way, the Singer's video rocks! Hey Matt, Mike, I was never offered a t-shirt.

Much Mahalos,
Kevin Lee

I have had great service from SBG. When I ordered the Clinch DVD it sent me an email that said it was on back order. I emailed and asked to change the shipping address if it was going to be longer than the end of Feb. Mike emailed me back within 24 hours to tell me it should ship within a week, when it didn't ship becuase of the snow storms, he again emailed me.