SBGi Denmark wins pro vale tudo

Hey guys, just wanted to say, that I just won my first fight ever, a pro vale tudo fight at European Vale Tudo.

It was much easier than I expected, I shot a good double leg, mounted him, hit him in the face 10-20 times, he turned it over and I finished with an armbar from the guard.

There is no doubt that this win was due to the inspiration and training with Matt and the SBG. So thank's a lot.

Now I'm gonna go out and get PISSED :-D

Take care guys!

Christian, I told you that you would do really well! Huge congrats bro. Enjoy the evening.

-Matt Thornton

congrats! bro!

good stuff!


Graugart (SBGi, Denmark) vs Nielsen (Advanced Fighting Gym Odense, Denmark)

In the opening fight of the show, the highly expected MMA debut of one of the most positive forces behind martial arts in Denmark, Christian Graugart, did not let down, as he defeated Sonny Malmkvist Nielsen. The match-up itself was a curious one, as Graugart and Nielsen are good friends. Graugart stated before the fight that "It has been really hard to visualize having to punch and hurt him (Nielsen)." It never showed though as Graugart shot in immediately to get the perfect double leg take down. Being an experienced grappler, Graugart quickly passed to side mount and mount, got Nielsen up against the fence and then rained down heavy and precise blows.

Nielsen got caught a few times, but defended well and surprised Graugart with a reversal, using his legs to push off against the cage. Within Graugart`s guard he tried to put the hurt on his foe and friend, but the adaptive SBGi representative quickly smacked on a tight armbar from the guard, and Nielsen was forced to tap out.

I got a chance to talk with the winner after his fight. "The entire experience was surreal! I wasn`t nervous at all, going into the fight. And the takedown... It was like it wasn`t me. I thought to myself "Oh, no. He`s going to sprawl!" He didn`t, though, and as I started to rain down punches near the fence, it was like the time stopped. Everything went really slow. It felt like I was dreaming. I punched and punched, but nothing happened," the excited Graugart said. "And about the armbar ... Suddenly, there it was. I just grabbed his arm. I`m glad it happened like this, though. I still got my pretty face, but I feel terrible about the way Sonny look." Nielsen has sustained some swelling around his left eye and bled a bit from the nose. "But this is the name of the game, I suppose," the popular webmaster declared.

Official result:
Winner: Christian Graugart by submission (armbar)
Time: 1,36 into round 1