SBGi Phuket Isle Thailand retreat

Last June the SBGi held it's first Annual Thailand training Camp. The Camp was held in Bangkok and featured over 3 hours nightly of instruction with SBGi President and BJJ black belt Matt Thornton, and SBGi Regional Director and renowned stand up Coach Rodney "chico" King. The group stayed at a luxury hotel, and classes where within a small group held in the hotel itself.

The reviews and response that followed the Camp have been incredibly positive, with everyone in attendance having a fantastic time. As such, we have decided to once again offer this incredible training Camp.

But this time the Camp will be held in a beautiful beach side resort in the Thai island paradise of Phuket!

There will be 5 nightly training sessions of 3-4 hours each.

The Coaches will be:

The sessions will feature Rodney "chico" King. Creator of the famed 'crazy monkey' boxing system. Rodney will be offering his latest training updates on the CM system, as well as his clinch fighting methods designed around striking for knock out within the clinch range.

Chris Haueter: Also teaching will be SBGi Instructor and BJJ black belt Chris Haueter! Chris was one of the first American black belts in the incredible delivery system of BJJ, and will be offering his unique brand of Instruction to all Retreat guests.

Matt Thornton: SBGi President, BJJ black belt. Matt will be offering classes in no-gi, as well as vale tudo (jits with hits) with special emphasis on attacks from the guard, the 5 point passing game, and new drills for pressure and submissions from the top game.

The retreat will be held at the beautiful Amari Hotel Bangkok, and the Holiday Inn Phuket. Training will be nightly from 6-9pm. Guests can lay on the beach, shop, dive, windsurf, para sail, enjoy the nightclub scene, and travel the many tropical paradise islands.

PHUKET TOUR DEPARTS 18 JUNE 2004 and return home on June 27th

Guests will leave from SFO, and travel directly to Bangkok where they will be met at the airport by transportation (all pre-paid), and taken to the luxurious Amari hotel in Bangkok.

From there you will leave the next morning on a short flight to the tropical paradise of Phuket Island! You will be met at the airport and taken to your beachfront hotel.

The SBGi Phuket Island retreat includes:

- Flights from any major airport in the USA to SFO international.

- Roundtrip flights to and from Bangkok Thailand.

- Transportation to and from the Bangkok Airport to the Amari hotel.

- Two nights total at the Amari hotel in Bangkok.

- Transportation to and from the Phuket airport to the beachresort.

- 5 nights total at the Phuket Holiday Inn at the beach.

- Breakfast every morning.

- Porter service for your bags.

- 15 plus hours of training with Rodney King, Chris Haueter, and Matt Thornton!

Total cost for the entire package (airfare, transportation, hotels, training, breakfast, etc) :

2850. If pre-paid by April 15th.

3150. After the 15th of April.

Enrollment will be limited and attendees from the last retreat will receive priority booking. So due to interest, we HIGHLY recommend you reserve your spot ASAP.

You can secure your reservation by sending a deposit to: Beth Pederson at Journeys travel. She can also take full payment, and handle all financial or transportation issues.

You can reach Beth toll free at 1-866-860-1064

For further info on the train ing you can contact Matt Thornton at

See you in Phuket!

Thats gonna be a sweet trip!

that is SERIOUSLY sweet. i'll start saving now for Thailand 2006 (i'm so broke!)


2006 sounds good to me! Better late then never I guess :(

Yeah...Phuket you punk!

In all seriousness, this trip is a STEAL. You could esily spend 3K apiece on (1) the airfare and (2) all that awesome training.

I will just have to STEAL it in a couple years when I have some more dough.


PS - Is there a price for non-training companions? My girlfriend would LOVE to see thailand....

Gonna have to skip this year, can' t afford it.

If you can afford it, then you must go.

"Is there a price for non-training companions? My girlfriend would LOVE to see thailand...."

The package without training is 2400. But if you share a room then it's 2000.

The Resort is fantastic there. . .awesome beach.

-Matt Thornton

Also, anyone staying double occupancy can knock 400. off the rate.

Space is filling up fast, so if you may be interested let us know asap.

-Matt Thornton

We have been getting a lot of requests for the cost related to people attending the retreat from other nations. Here are the fees for that:

training only:

SBGi members = 650.

Non Members = 800.

training with hotel:

Call Beth at You can reach Beth toll free at 1-866-860-1064 for special hotel rates, or e-mail:

See you in Phuket!

-Matt Thornton

"In most of our human relationships we spend much of our time reassuring one another that our constumes of identity are on straight."

John, come on know you have to be there!

Kon...I don't have the money. I was an unemployed bum for too much of last year. Plus I gotta pay for school, car, credit card debt, save for a house. On and on...

But I'm glad I got to go at least once. I'm thinking about going when i finish grad school (2 years).

Cool man. Well at least you experienced Bangkok at its peak. I've been back several times and it isn't quite the same as when we were there.

Cool man. Well at least you experienced Bangkok at its peak. I've been back several times and it isn't quite the same as when we were there.

Kon, will you make Phuket?

Matt, most definitely so although I can't confirm at the moment
whether I'll be there for the whole trip.


How is the situation for Matt's visit to SG? Some of my members are enquiring about the costs and a suitable nearby hotel to your training venue.


I am also unsure whether I can make the whole seminar in Phuket as I have a gym to operate and can't be away for too long. Will there be a lower seminar cost for say 2 or 3 days' training? Sorry to bug you about this but the exchange rates are not in my favour and its costing an arm & leg. (I'd like to keep at least one limb...)

Vince @


Yup I will have all the info by the end of the month. The dates are fixed
already though.

BTW guess who popped in for a visit tonight? Your very own BJJ coach
Sam! Had a nice roll and chat with him.

- Kon

Vince, I would be happy to work something out with you, and I am sure Rodney would as well. Shoot me an e-mail with how long you will be there and we can figure out a pro rated price.


i wish I could make it but instead I moved 2 blocks from ODMA and I will be at this Spring Camp....

Last years trip was the greatest......

Chad Angelocci