SBGI Seminar in MA was Awesome!

Dynamic Martial Arts hosted Luis Gutierrez the V.P of Straight Blast Gym International this weekend. Luis is a great Instructor and his ability to convey his knowledge was easily understood by everyone. The SBGI "I-Method" was used throughout allowing the participants to experience and absorb the ideas and add them to their game immediately.
Anyone that has attended a seminar usually learns a bunch of techniques and positions and you struggle to remember all of them at the end of the day. I know from my experience it is difficult to decipher your notes at the end of the day.
Luis opened the seminar by explaining the theory behind the two holds and how they have evolved his game and the impact they have had on his students performance.
Luis showed the two holds the "Harness and Chin Strap" and how you can secure them as you transition through different positions. After a few reps to understand the different hand positions he introduced us to drills from a variety of positions (butterfly guard, side body etc.) The effectiveness of these two holds was evident as it allows you to secure and hold a stronger opponent or slow down one of the lighter speedy opponents. We then progressed to different submissions that are set up directly from the two holds.
Instead of the mad scramble you sometimes get into with a more skilled player or wrestler we now have two holds that are easily and readily applied. As we rolled I could see the holds availability and now all I need to do is develop the timing to utilize them. It will be a great asset to increasing my skill sets and overall game.
I am sorry that I was only unable to attend Saturdays training module and miss Sundays ISR-PM segment. I'm sure Mike and all the other guys are having a great time and will post some of their experiences.
Check out Luis site for some great info and training products.


Back from Day 2. Too tired to write a full review right now. So I'll just say WOW for now!

The ISR-PM program is amazingly simple and effective.
This material will be a must have when it comes out.

Luis u da man!

Alan it was great meeting and training with you guys. Too bad you missed today, but glad you had a great time yesterday.


Finally got to my PC today after a fantastic time in MA.

First of all, big thanks to Mike, Sandy and Vicky for making me feel right at home and for the perfect training atmosphere they provided for anyone who attended!

Mike and Sandy are first and foremost genuine instructors and athletes and their commitment to the SBG training and coaching methods and overall philosophy were easily visible in their own games and the positive vibe among all their athletes and gym members. From age twelve on through....well on up there...way over 40 ;) , participants got much sweat, learning and laughter in sessions that seemed to fly by each day.

I really enjoyed the training, rolling, and especially last night over the margaritas! Vicki is indeed a power and drive onto herself and there is no way in hell that DMA isn't going to rock!

Naturally, I would like to welcome them into the SBGI as our newest ATG! Congratulations! Dynamic Martial Athletics clearly represents and is a shining example that the SBGI is truly available for everyone.

Special thanks to SBGI Instructor Steve Whittier for attending, supporting and assisting me with the seminar. It is always a pleasure to see you and exchange ideas on what we do and enjoy. Your work ethic and sincerity is clearly in your game and your ability to coach others. The Boston area and the N.E. ATGs are fortunate indeed. Great to see you there bro!

Also to Alan Condon for his continued support of the SBGI of which I hope he becomes a part of really soon. You already are a great example of all things SBG and we have to get you on board. Give Charlie my thanks as well. I have a feeling there is going to be a huge East Coast invasion at the next gorilla cup.

They say that there is nothing new under the sun but I hope I was able in my coaching to impart that all things are in-deed new all the time if so presented and witnessed to be.

Thanks again to everyone who makes my 'job" this much fun and rewarding!


Luis = Da man!

Luis, it was truly a pleasure to meet and train with you. You are an incredible coach, above and beyond that a very genuine and sincere human being. Awesome seminar! Thanks much.
Steve, so cool to see you there and thanks for your support and introducing me to SBG. Count on us bringing the crew over to your place when Matt visits in August.

Lastly thanks to everyone in attendance for showing your support despite the distance and most of all to my bro Sandy for giving me my daily ass kickin and helping out so much!

BTW Luis, you have created a monster. "The Architect" now thinks that she is "Neo". Should she take the red pill or the blue pill?



Congratulations being recognized as an ATG. I really enjoyed meeting you and training with all your guys.
Sandy is solid and strong I think he helped me grow about half an inch. The SBGI is great in that it attracts such good people that you wouldn't normally have met. I love how the two holds allows us "seasoned guys" to handle the young dudes. I know Logan will be a force to be reckoned with in the future, imagine starting with SBGI at that age. I'm sure the North East will have some great growth in 2004.
Take care