SBGi Spring Camp 08 in Portland OR

SBGi's annual Spring Camp


will be held on March 22nd & 23rd

(Sat & Sun)


with an additional class on Friday March 21st.


By popular demand the Camp will be held at the newly re-modeled Portland Gym!


Wall to wall mat space, cage, ring, and plenty of room for everyone.



We will have a list of Coaches, themes and classes posted soon. There is a an online sign up form available. For local hotel info you can check our members forum at  or shoot us an e-mail at  and we will be happy to help with that.


We already have several great sections planned! Including an extensive striking section planned with SBGi Boxing coach Brian Walsh.

Brian has some of the most creative and fun training methods, drill, and concepts for learning functional stand up that we have ever seen, and he will be teaching these on both days of the Camp. This will be a must attend course.

Also scheduled is a Coaching class that will be offered by SBGi Instructor and BJJ brown belt Lily Pagle, from our Berekely Gym.

Also teaching will be BJJ black belt and SBGi Coach Eric Hemphill, SBGi Head Coach & BJJ black belt Karl Tanswell, Matt Thornton, and more Instructors to be announced shortly!

Sign up online here:


Sweet, i will be there.

Please do not take this the wrong way. I am not trying to be a smartass, glib, or forcing you to philosophically reflect on your principles. I don't know you, haven't trained at your gym, nor do I know anyone who talks down on your, your gym, or your methods. I have a simple question.

Do you ever do an event or seminar that doesn't cost any money? If not, why not?

I live in Oregon. This sounds like a cool event to go to, but traveling to Portland costs enough. Maybe you would get some awesome press, by word of mouth and the internet, if you just threw a gathering of a bunch of cool martial artists to get together and train?

Who wouldn't want to be a part of a day or two or three of free training, idea sharing, method dissecting, etc. with some of the best guys in the northwest? Just tossing an idea out. Thanks.

People pop in to train all the time. It's rare we don't have someone from another Country on our mat. Your always welcome, as is everyone else. One of the guidlines for SBGi is that the Instructors at various locations have to allow their students to train wherever they see fit.

Regards a free camp, if that's an idea that appeals to you I'd suggest organizing one. We will certainly post your flyer.



Why would anyone take their hard earned ($, time, blood, sweat, tears etc etc), and just give it away for free?


A fund raiser for charity would be great.

I am not suggesting that all martial arts should be free, or that I think the idea of charging for a seminar is bogus. I was merely asking if there were such an event, and maybe suggesting it as an idea in the future. I was trying to ask in the nicest way possible. I pay for training and seminars just like everyone else. I train at multiple gyms, as well.

Matt, while I appreciate your support of my free camp, you didn't really answer my question. I was asking how come you guys don't run a free seminar? Or you personally? If you don't feel comfortable answering me publicly, I would be happy to send you my email address. I am not being a smart or sly, I am curious.

Though I appreciate your kind offer, I am simply not interested in organizing a free Camp. I have enough on my plate currently. I have done charity events, and do work with various projects locally that I care about. If you are aware of someone needing help for a worthy cause like that feel free to pass on my e-mail:   

My 2 cents, when it comes to ideas that you feel are really excellent (like your free seminar), it's always better that you take the time to organize them yourself. Rather then spending your time asking why others don't. You go further that way.

However, if you 'really' feel like this is something you should make sure someone else does, try giving a call to the other large Gyms like Team Quest, or the Beaverton Gym and asking them. You will find them all in the phone book.

Ideologic - Matt brings in instructors from around the country/world in order to put on a world class event. Someone has to pay for all of the instructors travel, hotel, and other miscellaneous expenses.

There is a lot involved behind the scenes with putting on a camp the size of an SBGi camp. If the cost is not spread over the students then it is just not financially viable.


I have done free smeniars at my school in which everyone is invited and had a small turnout. There was not much value on it.

Although all my people showed up that was it. When I do a seminar or I bring someone in, there are often more people from other schools and it is often the smae level of instruction.

Take that for what it is worth but that has been my experience


Aaron, how's it going?

" I pay for training and seminars just like everyone else. I train at multiple gyms, as well. "

Ideologic, what has been the response to your question, from these other people you have paid for seminars, in the past?

"Maybe you would get some awesome press, by word of mouth and the internet..."

Nice, but it doesn't pay the mortgage.  Next someone will be asking for free gym memberships, DVDs and athletic gear...

Back to the topic. . . .we have also confirmed that SBGi Coach & BJJ black belt Steve Whittier will also be teaching another section on Muay Thai for MMA.

Gonna be great!

Updated notes from Camp in our memebrs section, and pics and review available here on MMA.TV in the SBGi forum, located under 'community'.