SC first MMA event

Well ICF finally put South Carolina on the MMA map. I had the honor of being the first MMA bout in the state of South Carolina. But this post is more on the shady dealings that went on then anything else.

When I went in for weigh ins on the eve of the fight I get the bad news. Even though the event had be approved months ago by military brass, SC boxing commission throw a monkey wrench in to the fray. Since it’s still not approve in South Carolina every military member station at Parris island was bump off the card. I know there’s plenty of pro fighters here who felt the agony off cutting 10-15 lbs and not having a fight.

The only people affected where the active duty fighters. The event went off, fighters came in last min and the crowd loved every second off it. It was my first ammy bout and it felt like a dream. I won in 45sec via RNC. Tune into HDNET some time next week I believe to Power of champions.

Again my heart goes out to all the active duty members who lost a shot to prove themselves. Congrats also to savannah and Beaufort fighters.

Also for those who tried in the past to make MMA legal in this state please don't stop the fight and tell us what we need to do to help.

how is it that the boxing commision was able to get those fighters pulled off the card? I was under the impression that state commisions have no power over federal lands. Which is why the show would have been done on a military base anyways.

They took it up all the way to Washington. A lot of top brass with little to no knowledge on MMA (i assume) got involved. So the event was not in jeopardy only the military fighters lost a chance to fight.

It was a sad attempt to crush an organization last min (literally) but ICF prevailed and history was still made.

It was a good night of fights with Mushin Corbrrey of ELITE XC headlining.

Dean Lister was a guest speaker and i can't wait until the next event.

That sucks, but very cool that somthing happened in SC. I was down there a month ago and wondered if anything MMA related was happening. My wife has a ton of family in the Charleston area.

I would love to fight on a card in SC. It would be a great chance to fight in front of family and friends we have down there.

Does the ICF have a website

Thanks lopez82 and congrats on your win.