scammed by MMAGEAR.COM

I forgot to mention that I'm a senior student at the Muay Thai Institute, and a Fusion Academy student which is an affiliate under Pedro Sauer. I had ordered shorts amount other things that I was planning on wearing to my first grappling tournement this saturday.

I think that this is like the 10th mmagear jip thread this week. It sucks that this is happening, they used to be the shit.

Only excuse I can give for them is that it is the holiday season and mail runs a lot slower than usual.

Thanks for the heads up guys, they have some great deals but if i'll never get my stuff than it's really not that great of a deal. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

havent u learned yet not to order from these guys? For the last year it seems like, theres always a thread where someone has a problem with them.

Call the FBI they go after international scam. They caught the guy in the Nigerian Scam letter hoax.

I used to love them, but with all the complaints, I don't think I would order from them again.

"They caught the guy in the Nigerian Scam letter hoax."

"They did? Can you post a link? I used to get his BS letter at home and work all the time."

True story Ron, they raided the dickhead's home in near Sydney, Australia, took his records and computer hard drives.

The funny part they posted up a picture of a Black man as the Nigerian of the letter, the real guy is a white man living in Sydney posted on the national TV. =) 


I won't be eating Crow. It should never take a company 3 months to get a product to a consumer. Had I known this I would never have bought anything. It's been a month and a 1/2. If I knew this site exsisted I would have asked people opinion. is full of crap, and I don't think anyone should use them. What kind of company has one person handling support. Their word is crap, and no one should buy from them.

Boycott period! Stop buying from them, they will evaporate.

MMAGEAR is run by crooks.
Or do you believe in coincidences? There have been so many complaint cases posted on the net, that it's more than clear that the company is not reliable at all.
A friend from Norway has been waiting for the big order he made for his gym. It's been for over three months now. He writes to them but never gets a reply.
I'm Brazilian, so I wrote to them in Portuguese and told that if my friend's merchandise weren't delivered immediately, my lawyer would sue them.
We got a reply the same day, apologising for the mistakes and promising everything had been sent that same day. Well, it's been a month since that and so far nothing.
These MOFOs are unbelievable!
Not only they HAVEN'T delivered the merchandise, but they also managed to ADD 200USD to my friend's bill. They alledged it was a mistake (obviously), and explained that it wasn't possible to refund it over the credit card. So, instead they offered a 250USD credit in the web site. My friend innocently accepted.
Well, one month later, NOTHING HAS ARRIVED!!!

Why don you get on thier forum and complain there ??