Scandinavian Open of BJJ

1½ weeks to go to Scandinavian Open of BJJ - Dec 14th!

Arranged by MMA Alliance in Malmoe, Sweden this looks to be the biggest scandinavian bjj competition of the year with already over 100 entries from several countries. There will be white and blue belt divisions plus six purple belt superfights throughout the day.

Head referee and presenter of the fighters´ prices will be several times BJJ World Champion and reigning ADCC World Champion Leozinho Vieira.

For more information, and to sign up go to our eventsite:


What is the deal with this?

Are they not going to have BJJ Finnish open in coming weekend?

and then just one week after that Scandinavian BJJ open?

What is this Master team in sweden? Where do they train?

Master Team is the new affiliation for the MMA Alliance organization in Sweden, and we have 14 schools in Sweden plus one in Denmark

We were asked to be a part of that team by Leo Vieira and the other guys in Master Team when we were there and competed in the International Masters and Seniors in August.

We are also mentioned on the official Master Team website as competitors for their team at:

Why is it still called MMA Alliance?

Why not MMA Masters?

Do they have representatives in other scandinavian countries too?

You guys used to train with Alexander Paiva. What happened to that and what does Paiva think about this?

BJJ Finnish Open is this weekend, December 6th.

You wrote:

*Why is it still called MMA Alliance?
*Why not MMA Masters?

Name brand recognition. MMA Alliance is now a well known name in scandinavia. We still are a mixed martial arts alliance. When it comes to BJJ we belong to Master Team and Leo Vieira through Leo Negão. When it comes to Shooto we draw from guys like Erik Paulson and Bas Rutten through Omar Bouiche. And when it comes to all the other arts our academies also offer we draw from a bunch of other sources.

*Do they have representatives in other scandinavian *countries too?

Not at this moment. On the Master Team website you will read that the official reps outside Brazil are:





*You guys used to train with Alexander Paiva. What *happened to that and what does Paiva think about *this?

You will have to ask Paiva about that. But BJJ part of the organization was always run from Malmoe, and we have never had any contact with Paiva. I don´t think the Stockholm guys have trained with Paiva in a few years, but I could be wrong.

We try to keep an open mind and learn from different sources - not only within the particular BJJ organization we happen to belong to, as witnessed by the different BJJ guys we´ve had contacts with just this year - e g Renzo Gracie, Minotauro, Margarida, DeLaRiva a o



Sorry, you will have to write in complete sentences for me to understand you.

I was referring to the fact that we had Margarida over here for a seminar this year. Didn´t you know?

Np I did not know.

If I had know I would have travelled to Malmö for some training.


Yeah, the information for that seminar was kinda not spread well enough. A flaw on the information part from our organization.

We will be having Leozinho Vieira here for about a week though, from about the 11th or 12th of December. You are more than welcome. Just give us a call at the number on our website

Hell I can not make it.