I know nothing about scanners. I need one to scan documents,books etc. I don't have tons of money to spend. I have a laptop i dont know if that makes a difference. If anyone hows suggestions, what to look for etc, it would be much appreciated

Unless you're doing something really unusual, anything you get new is going to be fine.

DPI (dots per inch) used to be the important spec, with 75 being draft quality, 300 being really good, & anything beyond that for speciality work, but you won't be able to find anything that doesn't do all that unless you're looking into the deepest recessess of eBay.

Biggest factors now are how big it is, & how long it takes to scan, which is as much about the software that it comes with as the hardware itself.

Just go to Best Buy or wherever & get something new for cheap.

head explodes

PS know ahead of time that books are going to come out distorted unless you're willing to break the bindings.