Scar tissue

I was told last night that I have scar tissue on my shoulder mucsle - and that is why it has taken 3+ months to recover and still hasnt healed. I had a guy "massage" it, well felt like he was stickig his thumb in to it. I could actually feel it move. Does anyone know how I can clear this up? I am desperate to get back on the mat...


There is a form of therapeutic deep-tissue massage that can break up scar tissue that is restricting mobility in muscles. I have a partially torn rotator cuff that developed some significant scar tissue by the time it was diagnosed (some two years after the actual injury) and was recommended to try deep-tissue massage to see how it would work. I found it to be incredibly uncomfortable, but it did increase my long-term mobility in that shoulder. I wish I could offer you more specifics, but this was more than 10 years ago.