Scared a traditional guy

Me and some guys I know got together. They know I am more into MMA/Street than they are (sincethey study Karate, Kung fu, Aikido) and asked me tune them more to real fighting. I said ok,we'llwork being grabbed, label grab, etc. So I want todemonstrate how one naturally flinches and how youcan use this on the weaker parts of the grab (bringyour hands up, break his thumb and counter strike, etc.).Well, the first guy just grabs me with one arm and waits.I stop, waiting to feel some sort of energy coming fromhim. After about 10 seconds he goes "Do your technique."I realized they needed a major shift in mindset fromtechnique to actual survivability. I said I wanted tosee where he's coming from. I grabbed him and pushed him and grabbed him and began to cuss at him severlyand threw a light elbow at his neck. They all completelyfroze. They had never seen this kind of aggression. Itold them technique is secondary to survivablity andaggression in a fight. It was kinda funny but I taughtthem some things.


Good example and hopefully you completed the education by sharing the 'pre-contact' theory that you can win or lose by how you train long before a physical move is even executed.

Sensory overload can negate all the physical training. Read the TRAINING IN HIGH GEAR thread for more on scenarios.

Good work MS [as long as you pointed out the limitation in fixating on 'technique' alone in training],


Well, I tired to get the message across that training on a guy who "will just stand there like a wooden dummy a let you kill him," is one thing while training against someone who wants to cause you bodily harm is completely different. I also tried to get them to realize that technique is second to the survival mindset. If you crap in your pants, you could be as good as Bruce Lee but you won't pull it off in a fight. I showed them how the non-aggressive posture could be used but that was more alien to them than aggression so I just worked on getting them to realize that there techniques need to deal with real energy and they need to deal with getting hit, getting slammed into a wall, being sworn at in a very severe fashion all while fighting and the FEAR it creates which can cause paralysis. Some have called me back and said I'm nothing but a semi-educated brawler who needs to fight a real black belt and get my ass handed to me while others have asked for more info. Its interesting how some pull the wool over there eyes even after I took it away.