Schaub vs Nog..

I"m thinking about putting some money down on Nog... Its a tough bet. A prime Nog would kill Schaub, but the question is how washed up is Nog? At +160 I'm thinking Nog may be a good bet. If Nelson could beat him I'd think Nog could.

"A prime Nog would kill Schaub,"

no he wouldn't

 it sucks seeing schaub beat the waSHED UP  legends....

Nog's got this. He's working on changing his whole game? And he is going to win by sub. Phone Post

Freeman Dyson - "A prime Nog would kill Schaub,"

no he wouldn't

No offense, but fuck that. Nog beat guys much better than Schaub. Big Nog may be on the ropes, but he beats Schaub 9 times out of 10. I give Schaub the 1 time just because anything is possible. I mean, we could all be dead and none of this is happening, so I guess I'll give Schaub the 1.

Schaub KO's him. Easy money.

Freeman Dyson - "A prime Nog would kill Schaub,"

no he wouldn't


wow. tough call. the way Nog has looked lately i wouldnt put money on him. But +160 does make it tempting.

 Go Nog!

Freeman Dyson - "A prime Nog would kill Schaub,"

no he wouldn't

I agree, I don't think we've even seen a "prime" Schaub yet. Dude gets better every fight, Nog on the other hand...

 Brendan Scrub is getting a steady diet of over-the-hillers... I just pray one of them has enough left in the legend tank to blast him out.

Come on Big Nog... do it for the children.............................................. of Brazil.

Freeman Dyson - "A prime Nog would kill Schaub,"

no he wouldn't

That remark proves you have to be a NEWB

Something about Shaub rubs me the wrong way i hope NOG rips his arm off

Ofcourse nog has a chance... he's probably forgetting more about BJJ than Shaub has learned thus far.

The problem is Nog is not very athletic. Today's heavyweights are very athletic. A guy like Tim Sylvia wouldnt amount to shit in todays heavyweight division... a guy like tim sylvia has no business in sport or any type of athletics he was like the first minimal step of evolution from tank abbott.

Big Nog is slow and plodding but On the floor it's his world. The question is can he get it there.

I wouldnt be surprised if Nog goes back to butt flopping if his takedowns arent working.

Shuab doesnt have a great chin so landing one on the button isnt out of the question.

I think Nog will win this fight.

Nog needs to go back to BJJ and not this boxer Nog, cause his reflexes are shot from either age or all the wars.

Nog has 0 chance to win this fight unfortunately, do not waste your money

 I thing Nog takes this one easily, however I hope he doesn't block punches with his head as he's known for doing.

 Nogueira is one of my favorite fighters of all time, but if he doesn't rush into take this fight to the ground as soon as he can, he will have a long and tough night in front of him.... 

Based on his last performances where he tried to stand for a little bit instead of taking the fights to the ground right away, I'd call a KO/TKO win for Schaub, but I'm hoping to see the old Minotauro back, so my official call for this fight is Big Nog by sub in the second....