Schaub: "We're all afraid of black guys."

Brendan must be looking for attention…

I just came to say Fuck Schuab.


Cucking Francis. Knock yourself out.

Schaub is a tool. Nothing he says holds weight tbh.
Not surprised to see him projecting like this


What a tard…

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He threw a Trolley!


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It’s pretty easy to follow the sequence of events that lead us here;

Joe Rogan publicly humiliates Brendan on a global scale essentially turning someone with already naturally low testosterone into a full blown estrogen filled beta male. Brendan stops training, lifting weights and cycles off the only source of male hormones he will ever feel again.

Joe Rogan realizing he may be liable for his inevitable suicide takes him under his wing and essentially makes him his protégé due to his attorneys advice and his own feminine emotions, characteristics and natural traits because of his shared inability to naturally produce any testosterone.

Fast forward we witness a blossoming friendship and a male being groomed in such a fashion even Kevin Spacey himself was taking notes. Joe realizing that level of organic commitment and blind trust in the JRE Program (which I dubbed the betification process of man TM pending btw) was truly once in a lifetime meant he was going to accelerate the processes involved; massive increases in HGH, Kale, high priced over the counter placebo supplements and training in the art of forcing your way into the comedy world even when your natural ability is beneath the likes of Amy Schumer.

During which Joe realized he again had never before witnessed such a natural other than himself in the art of nepotistic mediocrity knew he was ready to be brought him into the dark arts of the JRE Program, where no beta had been before.

This meant he would show him the ways of the bloat belly

and letting heavy hitters lay pipe to your wife while sitting on a foldgers can sized dildo behind a two way mirror;

Brendan was able to pass with flying colors; throating Mandingo for >300 seconds

And myth has it he was ableprison purse a gallon of paint while playing a game of full court basketball, which is the equivalent of removing King Arthur’s Excalibur sword, which even Joe himself was never able to accomplish after numerous attempts.

Now Brendan was able to stand on his own and free to plagiarize content from true content creators like myself and UGs GOAT (RIP) as if it was his own, leasing his entire life from his house, a bentley to a closet full of clothes and shoes he would never own.

Realizing his abilities and “talents” for climbing the Hollywood ladders of success (which would later be dubbed the #MeToo movement) he attempted to fly away from the JRE nest and attempt a coup in 2020

only to be shutdown due to his inability to finance or fund the war having spent all his money on haircuts and lease payments. The real reason for massive decrease in views and his absence and sudden disappearance from the JRE Show and ultimately Joes Life

That my friends is why Brendan is scared of black people and only speaks on behalf of betas, trannys and cuckolds.



Wow you have a lot of time to think through being retard.


I wasn’t expecting a dissertation. I hope your defense is successful and you attain your masters in Schaubian studies.


Thank you sir!

I am an investigative journalist and I am going to give you a sneak peak at a breaking story and thread that will be posted shortly



Investigative journalist these days means you say whatever will get you clicks. Not that it is true or has merit just as long as no you get clicks which I won’t give you here for
Any reason.

He appears to be using a technique commonly referred to as “humor.”


“Investigative journalist these days means you say whatever will get you clicks. Not that it is true or has merit just as long as no you get clicks which I won’t give you here for
Any reason.”


Where the fuck did you get my Highschool picture? You are a
Good journalist!!!

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Dear lord, he looks like a bodybuilder with a distended gut.


we’re all afraid of Frumps

Kids coked up on the Underground.

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Braindead Slob - “We’re all afraid of black guys”


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I guess Schaub must have got the squirts during this taping: