Scheifele lights up Evans in Habs/Jets game

Kicked out of the game and all of twitter is whining for a massive suspension. Didn’t leave his feet, no elbow, no direct head contact. I guess he’s just supposed to stop playing because they are about to lose. Back when I grew up watching hockey in the 90’s this was just simply sending a message for the next game in a playoff series.

Mark Scheifele tossed for flattening Jake Evans after he scores on the empty net.

— Brady Trettenero (@BradyTrett) June 3, 2021

If he had made even a half-hearted attempt at the puck, I don’t think he’d be suspended.


Made no attempt to make a play on the puck. He had 1 intention and it was to send a message. The world has gone soft I agree but if it isn’t dirty it’s definitely unnecessary.


Unnecessary and illegal are two totally different things. Evans should have kept his head up.

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I don’t know bro it looks like he left his feet…

After the hit his feet came up. He glided right into him and hit him immediately after the puck left his stick.

I think he gets 2 games and that’s based off making no play on the puck. He definitely could’ve at least extended his stick but he saw an opportunity to send a message. I keep going back and forth on how I feel about it but this kind of play is something the league doesn’t want in the game.

I don’t understand how he can play the puck without crashing through the net and injuring himself. The safe play for him is to make the opponent make a smart choice to save himself and divert the play and save the goal. By playing the player he plays the puck in this narrow circumstance.

I think people are mad because it ended badly. The result was devastating but I don’t know he did anything wrong. As far as charging, that’s like every play on the boards. Puck is gone and hit is delivered at full speed. People are mad because it ended badly. That’s it.



Not hitting the head? Are you blind ha ha. He elbowed him right in the face. Dude was KOed before he faceplanted on the ice. He never attempted to go for the puck. And he had been mad and head hunting during the game.

Thing is, if he had clocked Evans in the body, the fact Evans couldn’t protect himself would likely have hurt him bad, but likely not been a suspension or more than a game. But with the headhunting part here he should get 5 games.

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There’s nothing in the rulebook that you have to make an attempt at the puck while delivering a hit. As long as the other player has the puck on his stick, or you are in the process of checking him when he gets rid of it, it’s fair game.

From the video in the link I couldn’t tell if he left his feet or made contact with the head. If either of those things happened, fine and/or suspension - more so if there was an elbow to the head in there - but the act of running him over to me was clean.

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He skated from his own blue line to make that hit. Definitely charging and he hit him in the head.

Sorry, the Canadiens blue line

No hit to the head, didn’t leave his feet. Charging, yes I can see, maybe a fine and a game. If he gets there a split second earlier he stops the goal. Should he of just coasted and let him score?

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I’d have to think Evans is going to be out for a bit. If the hit didn’t concuss him, I am sure him hitting his head on the ice did. Tough hit but I’d call it more of a charge. I see Scheifele getting suspended 2 games.

I think if he leads with his stick he has a very good chance of stopping the goal. Hockey is such a fast game, definitely some ownership needs to be taken by Evans for not having his head up there. Guys don’t expect to get hit anymore which is fucking crazy especially in the playoffs.
If he gets a game or two suspension I’m fine with it. If he gets no games I’m fine with it too. Montreal’s core group will handle it if the league doesn’t.

He was so focused on getting the empty net goal, wish he would have been more aware and maybe not gone for it. That could be career ending. Definitely career shortening. He’ll be concussed more easily now.

Not charging, he was gliding

Doesn’t matter. The definition in the rulebook is " shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner"