Scherner interview = ATT, WTF?

Seriously, anyone else read the interview with Fabiano Scherner from

Here's a bit:

"We committed a mistake at elaborating a strategy against Brandon Vera, we studied his grappling and bjj fights, and people had talked to me he was USA Wrestling champion. So you can not believe in how my face stayed when Bruce Buffer announced that Brandon ha d a lot of awards in Kickboxing. Other fact was that all time I got to connect a strike, he felt, so I motivated myself on fighting stand. His knees at my body harmed my cardio, when we came back to our feet I did not get to breath and the rest of the story everybody already knows."

Yes, I know ATT is made up of great people who have forgotten more about fighting than I'll ever know, but that info could have been found in a quick websearch, right? How does this happen to the pro's?

Really cool interview though. He's got some nice BJJ credentials, and it's interesting to hear he's been living in Holland and trying to improve his Muay Thai. I'm actually looking forward to the fight, it's the two best BJJ fighters to go MMA at heavyweight that I can think of...

Full interview is at