Schilling/Behring BJJ @ Bravado

I would like to congratulate my team on a amazing performance this weekend.

6 team members competed and 5 medaled, Wow!!

2 First Place and 3 Second Place finishes!

Jonathan "The Asian Sensation" Lee 1st Place Intermediate under -140
Submitted all 3 opponents!!

Jonathan then fought a war in the absolute division, attacking with multiple flying triangle attacks, a flying arm lock and nearly finishing his opponent with triangle with only seconds left, only to lose on points with a clear weight and size difference.

Sam Osman 1st Place Novice -205

Jordan MacDonald 2nd Place Novice -205

Brian Keller 2nd Place Novice -185

Oscar Ma 2nd Place Novice -155

Great Job as always guys! I’m very proud.

p.s. I had planed to compete, however a sudden illness left me unable to walk for a week, still recovering. Not to mention that work takes precedence over competition. In bed at 5:00am up in 2 1/2 hours to coach my team all day and back to work.

Scott Schilling

ttt guys

TTT Schilling/Behring BJJ!!

Good job boys!




Hey Chris, whats up!

good work guys. training is really paying off. What got into oscar? Got Damn! subs and sweet foot sweep, excellent. Johnathan vs Frankie sweet bout, you guys are the NEXTGEN!!!

TTT Schilling/Behring