Schnell vs Garcia!!! Wow.

What an F'n fight so far.
One of the better rounds I've seen in awhile. Great 1st. Phone Post

Results wheb available please? Phone Post

*when Phone Post

There is another thread going. Phone Post 3.0

Garcia by decision Phone Post 3.0

Garcia won majority decision. Phone Post 3.0

Was wondering what ever happened to danger. Good fight though. Looked like he gassed in the third. Got hit with some good shots. Props to Garcia. Hell, props to danger. Was undefeated. Phone Post 3.0

A 30-27!!!????
And that terrible stand up in the 3rd, may have likely cost Schnell the fight. Phone Post

great fight!!

Yeah Razor, he def needs to learn some head Phone Post

No,not Leonard,but he has just signed with the promotion.


MRG1 - Yeah Razor, he def needs to learn some head Phone Post
Much agreed. Can't just walk backwards standing upright. Usually doesn't go well. haha. Garcia brought it. The 30-27 score was garbage. Not sure what the hell that judge was watching. Clearly not the fight. I had it 29-28 for Garcia. Though that third could have gone 10-8. Really ugly for danger. Phone Post 3.0