School: A Prison By Any Other Name

A message about the "education" system in this country from Josie the Outlaw.

A blue namer should post this video. It is a must see. Thanks.

For OP


Lol got a point but its a stretch. Only thing she forgot to mention is the learning that happens Phone Post 3.0

Sub Phone Post 3.0

school was easy as fuck, minimal responsibility, easy work, lots of breaks, 6 hour days.

But in the town, it was well known that when they got home at night,
their fat and psychopathic wives,
would thrash them,
within inches of their lives!

i wonder if she knows that the arguments she uses for schools can be used against parents?

controllers and subjects

forced incarceration inside family home

laws concerning runaways

she is foolish. authoritarianism starts at home.