School pics

I will open up a new Grappling school and I´am looking for some design ideas. The pics of Marc Laimons school are cool. Are there more pics form good looking MMA and BJJ schools out there. It would be great if you can post them so I will get some ideas for my own school.

Take care


don't worry about how it looks...I'd rather be at the
dirtiest, old, run down school that produces great
competitors and has great instructors.

There are a million, suburban strip-mall MCDojos that
are really cool inside with murals painted on the
walls and cool stuff hung up, etc. But that doesn't
make it a great place to train.

Don't know how to post the pics but I have some good ones.

hubble02, that is fine and dandy and you're right in a sense, but if he wants to be a commercial success, it's best that he have a nice, clean, non rundown facility.

if the instruction is good to boot, then that's awesome.

Empire....I know exactly what you are saying. I just
wanted to put the point across that having cool murals
painted on your walls aren't everything.

that being said. i want a cool mural on my wall now.

nothing wrong with that....

team elite has some good pictures. I work out in a dungeon.

I´am instructor under Roy Harris so the instruction will be good.

I think it is cool to train in a good looking school. It´s more fun and can be motivating. Any pics?:-)

brennan are the pics on your website? if they are just copy and paste the URL and I'll post them for you.

if there saved on your comp then email them to me



ttt for cool pics


I sent them all to Uly but he was more concerned in posting pics of his monkey than my schools.

*puts away pictures of himself at high school, while cursing the lack of clarity in the thread title*

Chris send me a few school pics ill post them for you.

And your email address is...?

Chris my bad, I saved them to my comp before I left to the tourney and when I got back they were gone.