School Project...Can you help?

My son is working on a school project he is in 1st grade~and before you say this doesn't belong on the ATAMABJJ Forum YES he does train BJJ :) and has been since he was three. Rocky is currently a yellow belt with two stripes under Jorge Gurgel.

Anyway He is trying to collect post cards from all the states here is a list of states he still needs:
Oregon,Nevada,North Dakota,South Dakota,Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota,Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas,Texas, Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Soth Carolina, Norht Carolina, Kentucky,Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Maryland, Deleware, New Jersy, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Alaska.

If you live in one of these states and could send a postcard of your state or with your states name on it to my son's school That would be really cool.

Baker Elementary 507 W. Sycamore St. Wayland MI 49348
c/o Marsha Garza.

My Sons name is Rocky and if you could write a little note to him on the card and mention his Jiu Jitsu that would be awsome.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks The Crabtree Family

i live in alabama... i'll see what i can do...
good luck

Thanks so much any help would be great!

To the Top for the Rock!

ttt for Rocky and his mom!!!


I am Canadian but ttt

You can send him one from Canada, That would be FUN!

Does it have to be a "store bought" card?
Made a quick one in Word, I would be more than willing to mail on Monday.


Rocky Crabtree... correct?

I will send one tomorrow!!

No WA state needed?

Thanks for all the help.

Rocky Crabtree is correct...On the map they are using, it shows Canada, so if you could, send one from there it would be cool.

I think Rock already had one sent to him from Washington State, thanks though.

It doesn't have to be "store bought". I think they are looking for the postage stamp from your local post office...Thanks again everyone!

Thanks again~you guys are great!

TTT For Rocko