School shooting in Virginia, multiple victims reported

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Fuck. I hate this shit.



That’s down there by Ft. Eustis. I used to work a lot when I was a defense contractor. not much worse than hearing shit like this going down

Yikes! RIP to any victims and their families.

Bout 30 seconds til somebody shoves their hand up Bidens ass for a press conference where he starts talking about butt fucking the 2nd

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These shootings will continue to be part and parcel of American society and the 2nd amendment.

Fuck. This shit is horrible.

Still more shot on the East side of Chicago this past weekend, no one really cares about that! I hope for the best scenario either way, its awful.

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Police in Newport News, Virginia, said two people were taken to the hospital as a result of a shooting at Heritage High School with wounds that are “not believed to be life-threatening.”


Well let’s hope the shooter was wearing a mask.

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Overview of Heritage High

Heritage High is ranked 175th within Virginia. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® coursework and exams. The AP® participation rate at Heritage High is 43%. The total minority enrollment is 94%, and 82% of students are economically disadvantaged. Heritage High is 1 of 6 high schools in the Newport News City Public Schools.


Just saw that on CNN

Good news that it’s not more serious…

RIP to any casualties and those who were harmed I hope they heal quickly.

Tennis courts seem like a great evacuation point. Not much shelter/cover, if any. Caged in with small exits. Tough to escape with a large crowd yet no protection from bullets streaming through. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Part and Parcel of a society where the fbi completely botches investigations and ignores red flags.

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Oh. I see.

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