school yard choke?

my boy bang ludwig lost via school yard choke? wtf is that? and can anyone please tell me where i can watch this fight on the internets plz

Maybe its the bulldog choke

it is the bulldog choke

same one newton got militech with

wow. im bummed now

p.s dr newton looks jacked in that picture

He was absolutely shredded in that fight. I think thats the most shredded I ever seen a fighter during a fight

we call it the beerbohm choke. Because he started hitting it all day in practice and he started refining it and sits out different in it. He has even tapped good guys with their chin down. It has insane pressure even if you tuck your chin. check out the pic at

 god damn. so did carlos ever give pat his head back?

i think its wherever earharts plane is