** Schools/Dojo's Across Canada **

School Name: GAMMA / BTT Canada (HQ)

Address: 1121 St Catherine St, West, #201, MTL.

Website: montrealmartialarts.com

Phone Number: (514) 281-9928

email: kenbocan@dsuper.net

School Name: Gladiator MMA

Address: Corrections Staff College (Union and Sir John A Macdonald blvd), Kingston

Website: http://home.cogeco.ca/~mmafighter/

Phone Number: (613) 531-6149

School Name: Shah Franco Martial Arts

Address: 3385 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

Website: www.shahfranco.net

Phone Number: (416)-256-9952

email: shah_franco@hotmail.com

School Name: Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts, Team Renzo Gracie

Address:1673 Carling Avenue, Suite 215, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 1C4

Phone: 613-728-0880

Website: www.oama.ca

Email: info@oama.ca

School Name: The Jiu-Jitsu Academy of Combat arts 

Address: 140 Rutland Road South. Kelowna B.C. V1X 2Z4, Canada

Website: http://www.combat-art.com/default.htm

Phone Number: 250-765-8868


CC, I've been there twice, and both times they've
been closed.

How about John Paul's Black Belt Dragon School of
Martial Arts....naw, furget it; been there, done that.


LOL @ Wayne-o.

I still think it would a good idea to have a forum elected enforcer to go visit these suspicious dojos and pretend they don't know anything and tool the head instructor in front of his students. If somebody is going to lie about their qualifications and con people, then they deserve to be embarassed. Better yet, maybe we can get Peter Silverman to go visit JP's club with his camera crew and demand to see his certicates. I could just picture the stuttering fit he'd have.

I elect CC to be this...'tooler'. :)

...you're right, to advertise that you teach grappling
or jiu jitsu is one thing, but to advertise that you
are of one affiliation (ie; Royler Gracie Team) and in
fact are not, and/or claim that you are a genuine
bjj black belt, but give no names or show certificates
when asked upon, this is another.

Crazy Bob\'s House of Death

Would someone explain Crazy Bob and his house of death to me?

Crazy Bob's website can be taken as unusual marketing. But he's pretty good

School Name: Sisu Judo & Jiu Jitsu

Styles: Kodokan Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aiki Jujutsu

Address: Unit 41-292 Speedvale Avenue West
Guelph, Ontario N1H 1C4

Phone: 519.821.5425

Website: http://www.sisujudo.ca

E-mail: info@sisujudo.ca

How good is Crazy Bob?

Wayne-o, I don't think my tenth degree white belt level skills would qualify me as a very good tooler. I'd do my best to put on my best Blade act and end up looking as convincing as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On the other hand, I think you'd be the better man for the job considering you were once referred as 'that guy who sort of looks like Chuck Liddell.' I would take that as a compliment considering the Iceman is a pretty intimidating looking dude. All you'd have to do is just show up wearing the "Iceman Cometh" t-shirt and you'd be all set. After you finish teaching the bogus teacher a lesson, you could do the Chuck Liddell victory war cry amongst the shocked and bewildered students.

School Name: Canuckles MMA

Address: #170 104 58 ave SE, Calgary, AB, Canada - T2H 0N7

Phone: 403 819 2226

Website: http://www.canuckles.com

E-mail: info@canuckles.com


I do think that's a compliment, Chuck's a handsome
dude. Wish I had 1/10th of his skill. Hey, who said
that anyway? :)

More, more, more...

School name : Club Kozak

Address : 4850 Wellington, Verdun QC H4G 1X4

Phone# : 514-362-8880

Web site : www.clubkozak.com


My buddy who accompanied us to the OSWI was the one who made the observation awhile back. When he saw me talking to you at the UMA muay thai event, he didn't know your name and referred to you as the guy who looks like Chuck Liddell. The comment just kind of came out of nowhere and gave me a good chuckle. Actually when he saw your jiu-jitsu stickers at the back of your van, he told me that you should replace them with the icicle Iceman logo. As far as wishing to have one tenth of his skill, it could be worse. At least you don't suck as bad as I do. Even if I trained for the next ten years without missing a day, I'd be lucky if I could be called the "Ice Bucket" man.