Schools in Ft. Wayne, IN

I have a friend who is looking for a good martial arts school in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It's for her nine year old son. She wants him to learn self-defense and boost his self-confidence. Any BJJ or MMA style would be great. Any suggestions?

give me your email addy

I'm from Fort Wayne originally. When I go home, here are the two places I train:

Jay Luce (blue belt under Marcello Monteiro). He can be contacted at Jay's a great guy, and so are his students. They train during the day as far as I can remember, although that may have changed since. They were training on the southwest side of town, off Engle Road.

Chet Schemahorn (brown belt under Rorion Gracie). He can be reached at or http://www.geocities/csmathog. Chet's one of the most technical people I've ever trained with, and I've learned a lot from him. The only trouble for someone from Fort Wayne is that his school is in Lagrange (an hour drive my house -- northeast Fort Wayne). His classes are in the evening.

You can probably figure out which one fits your schedule better. I consider both these guys friends, and I think they're both great instructors.

Good luck.

thanks for the info!

Jay Luce is a great guy to train with, he is one of our good friends. We usually dont get to train much together anymore due to the schedule difference. He is a night time police officer, so he does morning classes usually.

You also have the option of going to our new facility the Universal Fighting Facility at which most Fort Wayne MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, and Submission Wrestlers are attending. Though our grand opening isnt until June 19th when we have the Frank SHamrock Seminar, we are still taking in students since our mats are already laid and the ring is up. We run evening classes.

Feel free to write me at Mark Lesely and Jay Luce both come to this facility.