Schools in Poughkeepsie, NY ? ? ?

Moving from California to Poughkeepsie, NY this summer.

Can anyone recommend a good place to train at.

Interested in BJJ, MMA, Kung Fu even, I just want a place to practice.

Gene Simco has BJJ school  there

P.S.....Why the hell would you leave Cali to come here???

"P.S.....Why the hell would you leave Cali to come here???"

Yeah. Why? I live across the Hudson River in Orange County.

^^^^ lol. It aint that bad, but its no California!!

Poughkeepsie, huh? Did you get a job with IBM by any chance?

"Did you get a job with IBM by any chance?"


Haven't been there in a while but there used to be some heavy bags downstairs at the Y downtown. Not a school but a start.

"Moving from California to Poughkeepsie, NY this summer."

damn man, I'm sorry

I was out in Poughkeepsie for almost a year for work.

Trained at Brian McLaughlin's school.

He is a purple under Rob Kahn.

He has some really good people there, so you'll find plenty of good people to roll with.

hudson valley jiu jitsu is about 10 minutes away in fishkill. go to and check it out.Brian is an awesome instructor.

oh, and last I heard Brian was going to move his school to a new location and make it more MMA oriented.

jkd_guy,when did you train there?

"As in Brian from Wizard Mag?"

Wizard mag? you mean the comic magazine?

"jkd_guy,when did you train there?"

I was there tail end of 05 and beginning of 06.

ok,before i got there.

when did you get there?

I was there until June of 06, but I only trained about once a week

ive been training there since september of 06

D constable from FCF and MMAphotography is from Potown, hes on here somewhere.

Has Brian opened his new school yet?

Where is it?

When I was last there, he was using the school of a Karate guy.