schools in SOUTH Charlotte?

anyone know of good places to train near the Ballantyne area of Charlotte NC?

Even Matthews, Fort Mill, Arboreatum area are ok.

my number 1 choices in charlotte would normally be mike kogan's and alliance, but they are too far away.

Ideally I'd like something that trains all aspects of MMA, but if it only specializes, I am hoping to find BJJ, judo, or mau thai.

I know that bas ruttan came to matthews police station for a seminar last summer - I don't know if there is anything that regularly does mma.

and let me get this over with now too.....HI KKM.




KKM, the Mathews Police Dept has an awesome Judo club there for adults. They have classes on Tues and Thur nights from 6:30 until around 8:30. There is also a group of guys that meet on Sat mornings for a couple of hours. The cost is $20 / month with no contracts.
There are a few of us who train there that also dabble in MMA training and no-gi submission training.
I'll be up there tomorrow night at 6:30. Stop by if you can.

I'm probably going to start training with Mike soon but I'm not looking forward to the drive.


Damn it David. I thought you were on an adventure to save Middle Earth.

Joe Hurst has a school in Charolette or Concord I dont know where for sure. Here is his website

Also Luis Togano has a school in Charolette. Here is his website.

hope this helps

Matthews? $20/month! I'm there! Please let me know the contact info.

I've gone to joe hurst's and it's great but too far - in concord

Isn't $185/month? My friend called them and that's what they quoted.

We'll be training Judo as well tonight at 6:30. A guy named Matt will be there. You may also want to talk to him.

Here is the website:

Do you have directions and everything? What is your name?


My name's Mike. I can't go until at least next week cause I haven't moved yet. I'll contact the number on the site after I move this saturday and I'll see you all soon! :)

See you then. There was a guy named Marvin I was supposed to call, but I can't find his number. I was hoping that was you. Anyways, maybe I will find his number and we will get two new guys in.


oh that's too cool. I have known them for some time (sreitzer family). The judo instructor @ my school is Gus Carper, he's a 7th dan. he has been friends W/ them for probly 40 years.

One more thing. Check before you show up next week. Technically, we are "closed for the holidays" but a lot of people will still be training.

pete Pelter

Gus Carper is a trip.
My number is 704-365-9305. Leave a message but I probably wont call you back. Pete will confirm that I'm bad at that. The school will actually be closed through the new year but several of have keys and will be training. Call and we'll get together or I can give you more info.