Schools in Toronto

Looking for a good school for my son. I want him to learn BJJ and Muay Thai. Can anyone help me with good schools for this in my area.

Siam #1 is an excellent place to learn Muay Thai. There's plenty of kids there too.

I train there myself and would highly recommend it to anyone.

I train at both and

Both have BJJ and Muay Thai. Where in the city are you?


I live at Markham & Eglinton, but I'll drive anywhere in the GTA.

Crazy Bob's House of Death

I second Crazy Bob's house of death.

Rebellion is closest to you and a good crew.

Crazy Bob's House of Pankcakes is a great place to go for a meal after your workout.

You have several choices. You can either go to rebellion (Omar Salvosa), Karma (woodbridge where Wagney Fabiano trains), Edge (Joel Gerson (gave Rumina Sato his 1st loss) and Moni Aizik), Ultimate (Gary Goodridge trains there) or the richmondhill centre (Carlos Newton). Those are the top places.

In Toronto.

This will be the answer to all your problems.

Thank me later.