Schools on Oahu

Tjmitch said I may get some help over here. Can anyone recommend a good school in Hawaii that has drop-in rates. My wife and I have had a vacation to Honolulu planned for the past few months, and we are going to be there the first week of June. She received a phone call yesterday and was offered her first amateur fight not long after we return. Not wanting to go without training for so long before a fight, I thought the good people here could help with some info. Thanks.

 where are you staying (city)?

 icon gym in niu valley. about 12min from wakiki. good facility. good people.

dunno about 12 minutes from Waiks though.

^^ no shit huh.. LAst time back there it was sad to find out that it takes 25 minutes to get from ward ave to waikiki.

 kapahulu turn left pass kaimuki high. then freeway straight shot. easy

 12 min = ticket by HPD!

didn't you learn the first time JD. LMAO

 i learned, FCTV said 12 min, not me!

were you looking for  just jiu-jitsu training? or all around ground and stand up?



1. Icon Sports teaches (Instructors Chris Leben for mma/ rylan lizares and Nyza for jiu jitsu)

2. O2 Martial Arts (Instructors Mike & Chris Onzuka and Kaleo Kwan teaching kickboxing)


4. HMC (sidney silva and haru)

5. Kaneohe Relson Gracie (MR.FCTV's academy)

6. Team HK (ALPHADOGG'S academy)

 where's 7 and 8?

North Shore and Wahiawa! lol

 It all depends on where he is staying.  I agree.  I'm sure all the academies would provide decent drop in rates.

 umm.. good point,

7. HMC Wahiawa (marcelo)

8. Top secret training place in the north shore, gotta talk to OTM owner leif, don't really know where this place is loacated but its somewhere in the north shore. (instructor Kai Garcia)

 8 is restricted to only celebs. sorry. oh fren

Person dropping in would to have to allow his name to be dropped...a lot.  lol.

Leif's house isn't a school, we have a academy out here also you knuckleheads! lol



Guess FCTV is celeb since he was allowed there. whoops! lol

 i only was allowed in under special rules. one being that i had to be blindfolded and spun 16times b4 being let out of the trunk of the car.

 thats how treat our celebs, atleast you weren't beatdown at beach by black shorts! lol

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