Schools that are killing it during COVID

I’ve lost some students, but we’re still doing ok financially. I haven’t been able to spar since March 2020, though as the guidelines in England eased up on 17th May, I have at least been able to run non-contact classes again (I’ve been running classes over Zoom until then). In England, sparring is due to be allowed again from the 21st June, assuming there isn’t a delay to further lockdown easing.

I know that there are local schools which have been running. I’m not sure if I’ve lost students to them, but frankly, I don’t care. If a student of mine wants to train during a pandemic against national health guidelines, then that isn’t a student I want training at my school. If they ignore health guidelines, then they are a risk to everybody else at the gym.

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Maybe some areas are less affected
I personally know 9 guys caught who caught covid at one gym, in a class of almost 50 people. 5 of them were hospitalized, and 3 of them all have lingering issues after they “recovered” and still can’t train or exercise hard due to this, 7 months after they were discharged. 7 of those 9 were under 30 years old, with no health issues or underlying conditions. the 3 symptom long haulers are all in their mid 20s

so please understand that even with a 99.7% survival rate, that can mean a diminished quality of life after recovery

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Many schools following guidelines that are running non-contact classes are losing students to other schools who break guidelines that are doing full unrestricted training, seems to be the common theme I am seeing

in England, is sparring specifically regulated by the government to be allowed/banned?
Many counties I know don’t even have this addressed

The absolute best are the gyms that never closed during the whole pandemic leaning hard on the ‘community’ trope. As though they were doing their communities a service by remaining open.

You want to cheat a bit for your elite competitors? I can see that.
You want to get together with a few friends on the down-low? Fair enough.
You want to run your business as though there’s no pandemic and scoop up all the potential students because your more responsible competitors are doing their civic duty? You’re a douchebag.

You’re contributing to the numbers that justify the continuing lockdown, which in turn keeps not just your competition closed, but restaurants and other small businesses as well. You’re contributing to a situation that keeps kids home from school and families unable to visit each other. This to say nothing at all of the increased risk of actual illness to your students, their families and your community. You’re not doing it for your community or your students, you’re doing it for greed.

You’re not clever, you’re selfish. And your relationship to your community is parasitic.

Enjoy all the extra money and students though, since that’s clearly what matters most.

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It’s a different story now in the states with vaccination rates. Canada has shit the bed in that respect.

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how so? what’s going on in Canada?

I can only speak to local clubs, but the harsh reality is that schools who followed the letter of the law have closed.

The only surviving schools ignored the law and held training either behind covered windows or in secret locations.

I am old enough to remember when this whole No Holds Barred thing was a transgressive, outlaw sport…and thats where it has returned to…outlaws meeting up in garages to do what normal people find inexplicable and dangerous.