Schultz & Leben-still on WEC card?

I know Ryan did very well in the first rd against Jhun, but he took some punishment in the second, and you have to wonder if he will be ready to fight again so soon after that.

Also, Leben was just in an absolute war with Doerkson last night ... so you have to wonder if his body will be ready to go next Friday night at the WEC?

I think both of these guys are future stars in MMA, but you have to wonder if it could damage them as fighters to fight extremely tough fights so close together?

Maybe Ed Herman could take Leben's spot? and how about Heath Sims versus Gil instead?

Just my thoughts ...

Does anyone know if they have been pulled, or not?


leben had a pretty nasty cut. i doubt that'll be healed up by next week.

Schultz is still in for sure and is fighting Gil Castillo.... I doubt Leben will still be in it after his tough fight at the FFC, and another tough fight coming up against Trevor Prangly at Sportfight.


good luck schultz!!!

Yeah I think Schultz has fought in Colorado in the last six months. If they are letting him fight then he is good to go- look out Gil!

I didn't get to see the Leben/Doerkson fight...Was it a clear unanimous victory? How did the fight go?

Heath Sims is cutting weight for the olympic trails or somethign for the olympics.

The Leben VS Heath fight is off !!!

Will try to re-set for Aug. WEC Show.

Due to injuries from last nights fight Leben can not fight in this show.

Thankyou for the update Paul.Although Im dis-appointed by the news,Im sure that it`s the best thing to do at this point.

"Maybe Ed Herman could take Leben's spot?"

Good idea.


Leben's fight was a title defense. That sucks. Can't turn down a fight with a top ten fighter though. Hopefully Doerkson will run through the competition. I think he should fight Terrel and the winner vs. Lindland for the strap.

what time's the show start?? had been told before everywhere it was 7:00, but there's a new poster here that says 6:00 ??

is there a leben replacement for heath friday???


It`s at 6:00,and attempts are being made to have Steve Heath fight Brian Gassaway.

thanks crowbar, gates open at 5? gassaway would be a great replacement choice!

I`m not sure what time the gates open but if you have a general admission ticket you might want to get there early to get a better seat.